Why Personal Branding Is Essential Online

Just about every service is being sold online, and every product that has already been invented. Any online business owners who want to stand out among the throngs of people setting up these businesses need to invest some of their time into personal branding. When the business depends on the expertise or products of one person, it is essential to marketing the business and what it sells.

Creating a Personal Brand Reputation

Personal branding, like any other type of business branding, is mostly about reputation. Being well known for doing what you do is part of that reputation. If a person or a company is well known for doing what they do, there is a basic assumption that they are trustworthy. Becoming well known among those who are interested in what you sell is then part of building a positive reputation.

Besides becoming well known, there is also the need to make sure that the reputation you build is a positive one. Playing up your strengths as well as all of the benefits of doing business with you is part of building a brand that people feel they can trust.

Positive Branding and How to Maintain It

To keep building a personal brand that is reputable, communicating with customers and taking care of any customer service problems is essential. Online, a few complaints that go unanswered can be detrimental to the personal branding that you’ve built up.

To stay on top of any reputation problems, set up Google alerts for your name and for your products or services. If you get an alert that depicts a negative customer situation, take steps to correct it and post information about what was done to try to rectify it. This can be accomplished through Twitter, by posting comments on blogs where you are mentioned or writing to a site owner and letting them know that you are willing to take care of what is written about you on their website.

Brand Name Awareness

To increase your name awareness online, create plenty of marketing materials that contain it. Your name should become synonymous online with the bio that you write. It should be a concise statement or two about what you do and why your business stands out among the other people who operate in your field.

Post your bio on all marketing articles, blogs, print materials and anything else that you use to market your business. With your name used on the growing number of materials that you create, your personal branding efforts will soon create a reputation to go along with your name. With the positive reputation associated with you intact, you can expect your business to grow.


Liam McCauley is a business coach and mentor located in Charlotte , NC , who specializes in providing serious entrepreneurs the skills in internet marketing to build a profitable online business with multiple income streams. To contact Liam , please call (803)412-1449 or visit http://meetliammccauley.com

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