Help Yourself Before You Try to Help Others!

I believe if we help ourselves we are in a better position to help others. Take me for example, I am now a business and development coach, I have to be honest and admit I could not have done this kind of work and helped many people 10 years go. At that time I was struggling to help myself so how could I help others? Also I am an example of how I literally fell into my business and, I have to say, I am extremely good at what I do! I was not planning on becoming a motivational speaker, an author and a business development coach, I really had no idea what my future held.

We all have someone in our lives who is desperately trying to make their life what they want and struggling, but also find time to try and help others,when in reality they should concentrate on putting their own life in order first and foremost. No one should feel guilty if they do this, there will be a time when you can help others, but not until you have helped yourself first.

Here are some tips on how you can help yourself move forward and then be in a better position to help others:

a) Focus on knowing who you are and what you want. In order to do this write down some of your strengths and then write down what you perceive to be your weaknesses. Write down a few ideas of what you want in your future, it could be a holiday, a successful business, a healthy life, things you want.

b) Write down your goals once you know what they are. Make them attainable and always remember that goals can be changed and are not set in stone.

c) Ask yourself if you need any further education to follow through with your goals. Do you need financial advice. Do you know anyone who could mentor you.

By dealing with your life and knowing what you want out of life you are accepting that some things might change, and you are open to these changes. Growth takes time, and a good example of how you can focus on your future growth and enjoy the process would be to plant a tree or a small rose bush. You could tend to your plant, nurture it, make sure it has enough water and plant food, talk to the plant if you think it helps, and over time see how it flourishes and stands proud. This is very theraputic and enjoyable for some people and encourages them to celebrate and enjoy their own growth and changes in their lives.

Now you are ready to move forward and offer your help to others, what a wonderful feeling you will experience!


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