Choices for Life

As time passes our waist seems to thicken and our hair thins, nails are not so strong and teeth are more often in the glass by the bed then they are chomping into a thick juicy steak. By the time we think about what nutrition or a lack of it has done to our lives, we are at an age we maybe thinking "what the hell, it has not killed me yet". There again if you are struggling to get your breath when walking up stairs or a hill, if you feel lethargic in the morning, or have problems sleeping, have a dry mouth, headaches, flaky skin just to name a few then your body could well be trying to tell you, that you are lacking vitamins, minerals and/or salts in your daily diet. If we listen to our bodies they are very good at telling us what they need and when they need it. We get lazy, or eat very often on impulse instead of need. How many of us have had that cake, biscuit or extra drink because we were with friends? Over a time these add up lay inside of us in the form of body fat.

Please don't get me wrong as we all need body fat but up to 24% of our entire body which is almost a quarter of our being, that is the suspension for our organs, or we would be joggling about inside every time we moved. It also protects us internally from the cold and the heat. It gives us a better looking shape and supports our circulation and immune system.

Most people when they are trying to "diet" or "eat healthily" find going out for a meal a huge challenge, eating three courses whereas at home it would only be one, the extra glass or two of wine, which in the house is much easier to say "no" to. As we have paid for Menu of the Day/Night we must eat it all!!! This is a myth and an easy cop out, it is all about being in control of your choices. Every restaurant will have better choices for you, don't be afraid to ask. Missing one course will save you from that extra hour in the gym, or the guilty (and bloated) feeling afterwards.

Getting to and maintaining a suitable weight and body fat level we cannot stop eating and all the while we feel it is a chore or hard work then it will be, weight management is probably more about mental attitude than anything else, when our head is in gear (so to speak) it is easy, when it is not we find all the excuses under the sun why we cannot stick to any plan.

Choices are your ally, use them well and see the results in any area of life. Don't be afraid to eat out or try new dishes these are all part of life. Life is not going to stop because you are on a diet (or yet another one in many of our cases!) enjoy the choices you are making and see how much more you enjoy eating more healthily and then when your results start showing you can enjoy the compliments as well.


In 2005 Linda threw off her corporate ties to take her passion and belief that “Now is a Great Time for Change,” after over twenty years of corporate, in-house, Governmental, institutional, international training, it was time for her to travel the world simplifying the scary prospect and process of personal change. She has motivated audiences throughout the UK and ...

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