Do You Ever Wonder If You Are Cut Out to Be a Real Estate Agent?

Do you ever wonder if you made a mistake by getting into real estate?

Let's see how you answer these questions...

  • Do you avoid asking questions, like "Are you ready to sign?" or "Can we meet to discuss your plans?"
  • Do you compromise easily...for your commissions, your seller's listing price, your buyer's repair demands, etc.
  • Do you view a prospect's objections as "reasonable and valid?"
  • Do you let valid leads walk away without trying to set an appointment because they said they weren't ready yet?
If you answered "yes" to these questions, you might well begin to wonder if you're cut out to be a real estate agent. You might think you're "too nice."

You're not alone. Niceness is a great challenge facing a lot of otherwise smart, dedicated real estate agents.

How niceness can interfere with success...

Nice agents often react personally to conflict, feeling attacked, defensive, or cowed by disagreement. Nice agents often sympathize with their prospect's objections. Nice agents avoid taking risks that might make them feel bad. Nice agents try to minimize the discomfort of being a salesperson by over-serving and over-educating their prospects.

Does that mean nice agents can't be top producers? Not at all. Most of the top producers I associate with are very nice...but they don't let being nice stop them from being good.

Even nice agents can win big in real estate...

Winning agents recognize conflict as a sort of dance they train themselves to perform. Winning agents feel uncomfortable, but they use techniques that help them manage their discomfort and keep themselves motivated. Winning agents work through their prospect's objections rather than allowing them to go unquestioned. And winning agents use service as a sales tool, not as a substitute for selling.

So if you're wondering if you're too nice to be a successful real estate agent, you might be...but that doesn't have to be the end of your ambitions. Instead, you can train yourself to perform your ROLE as a real estate agent, and you can still be nice about it.

One way to get a handle on your "niceness" is to learn a new approach to selling. For instance, an Openhanded Selling approach is one that let's you accomplish the same goals as your being nice does...empowering others, credibility, and not creating conflict...but still get the sales job done.

The most important key is to first admit you might be letting your niceness get in the way of your success and decide your business is important enough to you to do something about it.


Linda Schneider is a real estate coach and trainer who has worked with hundreds of agents, brokers, and top companies like Franklin Covey, By Referral Only, and Coldwell Banker. Developer of the Openhanded Selling method, Linda trains and coaches agents to be more powerful salespeople, to enjoy prospecting, and to focus on actions that make money. Discuss your personal situation at:


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