Some 'Should do's' we can live without!

Some Should’s We Could Live Without!

I should be the perfect lover, partner, worker, friend, parents, teacher, student, child etc

I should be able to endure without complaint

I should never lost my temper

I should never make mistakes

I should never be afraid

I should never be angry / jealous

I should be totally self reliant

I should not ask for help

I should be able to find a quick solution to every problem

I should be able to protect my family from pain

I should make enough money so that I / my family can afford….

I should be a success in everything I do

I should also have a tidy house

I should be busy; otherwise I am wasting my time

I should have the energy to do all of the things I must do

I should always look my best

I should put other people’s feelings before mine

I should strive to be perfect at all times

I should feel happy

I should feel guilty


Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.  She contributes to many successful magazines and her hugely popular DIY Coaching Manual reveals everything you need to know from achieving exciting goals, to identifying and releasing toxic emotions.

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