Your Bill Of Rights


1) I have the right to say what is on my mind

2) I have the right to be happy or sad

3) I have the right to express my own opinions and beliefs

4) I have the right to change my mind

5) I have the right not to make a decision until I am ready to do so

6) I have the right to say ‘ I don’t understand’

7) I have the right to say ‘ yes’ or ‘ no’ without explaining myself

8) I have the right to feel ALL my emotions

9) I have the right to accept or decline help without undue shame, anxiety or guilt

10)I have the right to decline responsibility for other peoples problems

11)I have the right to change my mind if I feel like it

12)I have the right to be illogical in making decisions

13)I have the right to my own time

14)I have the right to say ‘ I don’t care’

15)I have the right to set my own rules and priorities

16)I have the right to be listened to, and taken seriously

17)I have the right to make mistakes

18)I have the right to my own friends and acquaintances and how and when to spend time with them. I may, but don’t have to, justify these choices to others

19)I have the right to choose if, when and how to respectfully tell others how their actions are affecting me and to take responsibility for doing so

20)I have the right to take all the time I need to evaluate and make important life decisions. If this stresses other people, they are responsible for asserting their needs and I am responsible for balancing them with mine

21)I have the right to distinguish between who other people SAY I AM, and WHO I REALLY AM

22)I have the right to choose how and when to fill my needs, even if my choices conflict with other people’s values or wishes.

23)I have the right to decide if and when, I choose to forgive my mistakes or anyone else’s mistakes.

I suggest that you get yourself a large sheet of paper and right down this list. Rewrite parts or this entire sample and make it YOURS. Read each statement out loud. Feel it in your heart.

Refer to this Bill any time you feel conflicts or upset in your life. This will help you clarify each persons basic rights and work together for a win-win situation.


Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney Australia.  She is also the author of ' The Confidence Coach' book (   Lisa appears regulary on TV and radio and her work is featured in a wide range of international magazines. 

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