7 Secrets to help you be 'in the flow'

Here's a riddle for you? What does an artist, painter, musician, doctor, lawyer, athlete have in common?

The answer is that they know how to 'get in the flow.' What is getting in the flow?

The definition isn't one word - rather it is a set of feelings and actions that start with losing track of time, feeling relaxed, being in the 'zone', performing at the very highest level you can without going beyond what you can do.

You know when you're in the flow, the zone, - 'whatever you call it.' It's when you feel happy, confident, relaxed, pushed to the limit but not beyond, useful, excited, joyful - and other positive and uplifting feelings. It's also when your muscles are burning, you can't write another word, your voice is hoarse, you may feel some discomfort but mostly, you feel pure joy. In short, it's a great way to live.

When you're 'in the flow,' you accomplish more, make more money, have more joy, feel more creative, get more done - it's wonderful. But what do you do to get that happening more often?

Here are seven secrets to get in the flow:

1. Slow Down: you can't be at one with the energy around you if you're rushing around. The flow of creative energy is slower than our daily lives so you must tap into this slower pace to get in the flow.

2. Get centered: You must find quiet time away from the hustle and bustle so you can hear yourself think.

3. Stop worrying about things: this is a challenge but you must trust that things will flow, and work out.

4. Energize yourself: you won't be in the flow if you stay up too late, get sick, don't eat right or exercise. Your body, mind and spirit need to be in peak form so you can experience 'the zone.'

5. Stop fighting: we often fight what we don't want and this just brings us more of what we don't want. You must think about what you do want and if you get things that you don't like, just say, 'I prefer to have -- '

6. Write down what you really need: take out a piece of paper and take only 3 minutes per category. Write down: relationships, health, career, etc. All the main areas in your life that you want to be improved. Keep this paper nearby and look for signs that align with what you want.

7. Get a coach or mentor: want to speed up your learning curve and success curve? Hire a mentor or coach who has experience and can help you 'get in the flow,' and reach your dreams more quickly.

May you get in the flow, meet your beau, and make some dough.




Lisa Rickwood, BFA, CPCC, is an author, speaker, coach, and visual artist who helps busy and stressed entrepreneurs gain two hours a day, eliminate clutter and minimize stress and overwhelm. She is the author of Escape the Pace and co-author of Power & Soul by Alexandria Brown. You will find her articles online and she also writes for such magazines as: Woman's World

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