How to Create Packages That Sell

Okay. Many of you have asked me recently how to create the perfect package for your clients. What should be in it? What should I charge? Why aren't people buying? Here's the truth. It's not about the hours per dollar that you're offering, or how many workbooks or classes are included. Your real offer and what you're going to sell them (regardless of the price or content) is the outcome they'll get as a result of your service. How can your offer create lasting change in their life, their business, their family, their health?

When creating packages for your clients the first step is to become really super clear on the transformation: What is the outcome that these clients will get as a result of engaging your service?

And, the bottom line is you have to understand your customer's pain. Your job is to get them excited, intrigued and ready to take action! When your audience wants the outcome that you are offering you can be sure that they are not basing their decision on whether you are offering one call or 20 calls. They are simply interested in an offer that will give them the transformation they seek.

When you're on the stage, you want 90% of your speaking and energy to be about the amazing, breakthrough results they can expect from investing with you. Only about 10% should address the delivery method, and how you're going to deliver that outcome through calls, workbooks, seminars, etc.

Focus on what's important. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to create or improve your package. I guarantee you will definitely see a boost in conversions.


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