The Invisible Close Sales Nugget: How to Make a ‘Today Only’ Offer Without Pressuring Your Prospects

He was looking for ways to increase sales conversion at his live introductory events. For many years he had been inviting small groups of women to come in for an educational presentation about the wonders of lasers. At the end he would offer special packages to thank them for attending and to encourage them to become a client. One thing I noticed right away was that the Special Offers were not limited to ‘Tonight Only'. He was giving women a full week to take advantage of the offers. Because of this, he was giving away a lot at his free event, wasn't selling very much that night, and was causing his staff to spend a lot of time following up.

I proposed that we make the Special Offers available ‘Tonight Only'.

As happens quite often, I met some resistance. He didn't want his potential clients to feel pressured. So we came up with a two step approach that satisfied everyone and caused the sales breakthrough we were looking for.

The ‘Two Step' Irrresistible Offer

Let me start by saying, I LOVE THIS!

We designed a few Irresistible Offers that were very compelling and gave tons of additional value at a great price and we made those offers available for a whole week after the event.

Then, we added An Additional Delight for those who were ready to get started right away. They could "Buy Tonight" and receive an additional $750 of specified laser services.

Why did this approach work so well?

* It acknowledged the attendees by presenting them with Special Offers.

* Those who needed to sleep on it could have a week to do so and still get some great deals.

* And those who were ready now got a huge additional benefit.

Even more important:

1. It allowed the owner to relax and say to women exactly what was true for him: "There is no pressure here. We want you to do exactly what's right for you. If you want to think about it, just get back to us within a week and you can take advantage of some fabulous packages. If you're ready tonight, we're happy to get you started and offer you the Additional Delight."

2. The prospects then put the pressure on themselves to decide if having a week to think about it was worth more to them than the $750 of additional bonuses they get if they buy that evening.

It was glorious to see the owner able to relax and focus on taking care of people as a laser expert, rather than needing to be a salesman. As a result, we got our event conversion average up to 57%.

The women left thrilled with their packages in hand, the owner prospered financially and emotionally, and I was fulfilled in seeing The Invisible Close do its magic once again!


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