Accepting a New Job Offer – To Take or Not to Take?

The fabulous job that you wanted now has put an offer on your table. Accepting a new job offer can be exciting, invigorating - it makes us all feel good and valued doesn't it! Accepting a new job offer should not be made to quickly, we put this article together as a quick bit of advice, should you want the best from your new employer in return for your hard work and best efforts.

Accepting a new job offer is a big decision and it's so tempting to give an immediate yes, even if it is your first job offer or if it's the one you want.

So why do we think you need to think about this offer? Because it's all too easy to say yes without any thought, you might leave the interview room and think over the offer and indeed think it's the wrong decision, or that you have accepted less than you even wanted to.

First thing is first, upon receiving the offer ask for a little time to consider - no brownie points will be deducted for asking this, and it will give you some time to make sure it really is the role you want to accept.

Get back to your potential employer within the timeframe you agreed at the time of the offer - they don't want to keep other candidates waiting whilst you think about it. Don't wait too long to call them either, if you wait too long (we think 5 days to a week is too long) they will simply think you are no longer interested or that you are waiting for a better offer, this is not good and if you feel this is what you are doing then the new job probably isn't for you. If it really does take you longer than a couple of days to consider the job offer, then re-contact the interviewer and ask when they need an answer from you.

Should you decide not to accept the job offer on grounds that perhaps the salary is lower than you expected, or indeed lower than what you feel is your personal value, then do explain this is the reason - but be prepared to either have the offer withdrawn or to enter negotiations, this is the best thing that can happen although they may already have a candidate no. 2 to offer the job to...

Last of all good luck, accepting a new job offer should leave you feeling great and if you have been waiting a while for the right job then that's wonderful and we wish you all the best in your new position!


Lisette Howlett has a unique range and breadth in HR and a track record of achievement spanning 15 years with global Human Resources in blue chip companies and 5 years in local government and the public sector. This includes extensive global HR project and content leadership and internal/external HR consulting covering UK, U.S., Switzerland, Europe, and Asia. Additionally Lisette is founder of

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