Volusion Store Design and Customization

Volusion is a result of almost twelve years of evolution and so has almost everything that a strong ecommerce web store should have. It has it all in-built, you just have to shift couple of things here and there and upload your products and get ready with your ecommerce store design within weeks. Volusion is one of the most powerful, scalable and strongest shopping cart software & ecommerce solutions present in the website design market today. Volusion Store design is an excellent way to get a full blown shopping cart and ecommerce portal customized and launched on the internet and the best part is that this whole store design can be done within weeks or may be days.

It also has an integrated HTML editor functionality, both simple (for non-technical users) and advanced version for HTML Web designers. It gives a clean and user friendly website design and volusion store customization interface and results are quick and stable.

Volusion Stores are search engine friendly and there is an easy to use CMS, Content Management System through which the store owners can edit the entire website, products catalogue and SEO areas too.

All components of volusion are customizable and easy to use. If you can go through its help sections you can do your volusion store design yourself and it should look like professionally done. Ecommerce website designing needs much more than good design and development and that is Hosting, domain name, payment gateway, SSL and Live Chat software too.

Here is how volusion store design is easier and different than conventional ecommerce design and development methods;

- You get domain name, hosting space, payment gateway, SSL and other miscellaneous services at one single shop of volusion. So you don't have to buy different services from different companies and keep a record of all of them.

- There is nothing as good as one stop shop for your ecommerce store design.

Volusion, apart from being a highly customizable ecommerce system also has equally strong reporting functions for your online store. Right from sales reporting to traffic analysis and other analytics you get a complete insight into your ecommerce store which can be used further to improve the design, product placements and other elements to make your volusion store even better looking and better performing.

Key Features of Volusion Shopping Cart

• Search Engine Optimized

• One-Page Checkout!

• Phone Order & POS System

• Highly Customizable

• Built-In Marketing Tools

• Automated Drop Shipping

• 5-Tier Affiliate System

• Analytics, Reporting & ROI

• Built-in CRM

• Data Import/Export

• vZoom! product image zoom

• Color swatch functionality

• Social Store Builder - sell on MySpace and Facebook*

• Easy "drag and drop" category management

Our Volusion Ecommerce Shopping Cart services include

• Volusion Template Design and customization

• Volusion Design integration

• Volusion Module installation

• Client specific custom Volusion modification and customization

• Adding Content & Managing It For Clients

• Volusion Custom Search Filter Set Up

• Volusion Custom SQL Query

• Volusion Store Redesign

• Payment Gateway Testing

• Overall testing and launch


Loren Howard is the CEO of the Alternative Web Media LLC, an SEO services company.Alt Web Media is an Arizona based web design company that offers creative web design, strong and robust development and solid SEO Services to clients all over the USA.

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