Advantages of Classroom Training

E-learning appears to be on the cusp of taking over employee training, as it provides a platform that cannot be beat for convenience and affordability. Most companies are turning to some form of online instruction to help give their workers the edge when it comes to education. Despite this, there are some purists that hold on to the notion of classroom training. Sure, it has its advantages. But is there really a good reason to choose classroom training over modern e-learning?

Truth is Subjective.

The fact of the matter is that many people simply learn better in a classroom setting. Some people thrive on the conversation of a topic with other people, which is something they feel uncomfortable with in an online situation. Typing a message or post to somebody isn’t the same as verbalizing a point of view. The classroom setting allows for real time discussion and provides interaction that isn’t easily duplicated even with the most advanced of technology.

Many people also learn better in a one-on-one instruction session. Classroom training allows for an individualized approach that cannot easily be duplicated in an online setting. Instructors can answer questions and provide hands-on answers that should satisfy most curiosities. This allows the students to learn readily and to effectively engage all of their senses with the material.

Morale Matters.

With classroom training, employees are around other workers and are learning the same material. This allows for constructive team building, as people are joining together to work out basic problems and find solutions as a group. This, coupled with the individualized sense of theory, helps create a strong team within the staff. If the classroom theory allows for learning in small groups, the sense of cooperation is reinforced significantly.

Classroom learning can also allow for more time. The learning process in some people takes quite a bit of time, so a classroom setting is ideal for the patience and environment required. While e-learning can often imprison a learner in a solitary timeless existence, a classroom enables a learner to experience support from peers and instructors. This gives a sense of encouragement and belonging to the student, allowing more time to learn things properly.


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