Employee Training for Retention

Much is made of training employees to keep them around, but whether employee training for retention works or not remains to be seen with any long-term data. Keeping good employees is tough for business owners, so the carrot of training and improvement is often used to retain quality staff. But is this a cost-effective way to ensure a superior staff or is it too uncertain?

Dispelling Myths

One of the first myths that owners reach about why employees leave companies is because of the money. Many owners believe that money is the number one motivating factor for the lives of their employees and workers will leave companies to procure higher wages. Most industry experts say this isn't the norm, though.

One of the biggest reasons employees leave their employers is over personal issues. Contentedness in one's job, sense of self, and the ability to see a bright future all register as personal factors that will keep an employee in his or her current job. Once a worker no longer feels glad, satisfied, or significant, he or she may move somewhere else.

Naturally, the money myth won't apply to all workers. Some workers truly will leave their current job for greener economic pastures, especially if the new job has perks and benefits. Among the perks and benefits most desired are education, benefit packages, and dependable raises. By training employees successfully and encouraging personal growth, companies can keep employees for love and for money.

Retaining Employees

The first thing any employer needs to do with any new employee is make him or her aware of the expectations of the job. This includes any training required, the pace at which work is to be done, and any supplementary duties. By keeping the employee informed of the details of the work, employers develop a relationship that will foster self-determination and educational development.

On top of this, training can be used to help employees grow so that they can fill other positions. Once an employee becomes familiar with his or her work and the pace required, he or she can choose to embark on training that will help further his or her career. This is critical when it comes to retaining employees, as it focuses in on the natural desire for self-worth and contentedness, enabling the employee to feel valuable and as though he or she is making an impact.


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