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Getting a car loan in tougherfinancial times is very similar tohappier economic periods. Automotive finance providers still need to be approving new loans for them to keep on making more profits in the future.So they still need to offer reasonably priced car loans to customers just like you and me.

It is actually a great time to manipulate the financial crisis to your benefit. Along with many other industries, the new car market is struggling to increase ways to keep car sales high. The salesman at your local car dealer, who is trying to sell either new or used vehicles is under a lot of pressure to keep their cars selling and help the business survive.

From a buyers point of view this means lower prices or free added bonuses included with a new vehicle. It is really worth it at present to negotiate hard and shop around because there are many excellent deals to be found.

Look for the previous year’s model at new car showrooms, because the salesman has to be particularly excited to sell these cars from their showroom. With used cars from private sellers, many people will be looking to make a quick sale, to cover debts to pay or no they longer can afford a second car. If you have the cash available, the prospect of fast money can help lower the cost. The same applies at new car dealers, they want people to buy in a short time period.

If you do not have the money to pay cash for the car you want, it is a great idea to get pre-approval for your car loan. After you know which car you want, it is common to will miss out on a great deal, because you are wasting time finding the car finance that suits you. Meanwhile the seller has found someone else who has the money organised and sells the car.

It is not difficult to find a pre approved loan. All that is necessary is to talk to a car finance broker and apply for a car loan in the usual way. An upper credit limit is set on pre approved finance, and you can make any car purchase less than this credit limit.

When you know the car you would like to buy, you can then spend up to the maximum amount approved and the vehicle is yours. Any amount left over from the pre-approved amount is then cleared from your loan and you pay no extra for having that amount available before you buy the car.

This is one piece of advice we give to our clients who are hoping to purchase a new vehicle, however it is an even more valuable bargaining tool when many people in todays car market are under pressure to maintain their profit levels and are desperate to meet sales targets from month to month.


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