Benefits of Starting a Business in the UK "Buy to Let" property market

Once you become a landlord, you will have access to these two revenue streams:

● Capital growth, which is also referred to as capital appreciation, results when the value of the property you have purchased increases over time. Note that there is a risk factor here, because it can go down as well. Market conditions and the price of property in the area often have a significant effect on an investor’s capital growth.

● The amount of income you receive in rent from your tenants is known as rental yield. As this is a long-term investment and market conditions change, you should find it possible to add to your letting income by periodically increasing the rent your tenants pay.

What you should know

Finding a property that produces a satisfactory level of rental yield and capital growth can be quite challenging. Before you begin monitoring the prices of houses or invest in a Buy to Let property, try to learn what the responsibilities of a landlord are and what tenants generally like and dislike.

To reap the benefits of your Buy to Let property, take the following steps:

● Be sure that the property is in a good location, one that will attract a variety of potential tenants.

● Find tenants who pay their rent on time and conduct themselves properly.

● Note that managing the property will require both time and money.

● Be sure that you are in compliance with all letting regulations.

Once you have met these criteria, you will need to obtain a Buy to Let mortgage, which is not the same a regular residential mortgage. Generally speaking, most lenders only provide mortgages that equal 80 percent of the property’s value, and you must be prepared to pay the additional 20 percent yourself.

How you can benefit from your investment:

● You will be able to maximise the longevity of your Buy to Let property.

● Currently, Buy to Let mortgage rates are relatively low.

● In recent years, the number of professionals living in the larger UK cities has increased, and they prove to be reliable tenants.

● Having a Buy to Let property will provide you with additional monthly income.

● Remember that, in time, your property should also appreciate in value. If it is correctly maintained and sold when the demand is great, you should realize a substantial profit.

● Economists indicate that in some of UK’s major cities, which have high population density, the need for rental properties is exceeding the supply, which should work to your advantage.

● With carefully planned renovations, you can increase the value of the Buy to Let property you own, and you will actually be investing in your investment.

● The rental income from the property should give you a certain amount of financial security that would be lacking without it.

● If you are planning to work outside the UK, renting out your home is preferable to leaving it unoccupied or putting it up for sale.

● If you are trying to decide where to invest you funds, be aware that this type of investment is considered to be relatively stable.

If these benefits spark your interest, then perhaps the Buy to Let property market is one that you should seriously consider. At that point, you will want to consult with a professional mortgage adviser who can analyse your personal circumstances and help determent if Buy to Let property will help you reach your investment goals.


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