2 Reasons Leadership is More about Service than Being a Boss

When you hear the word leadership, a clip from George C. Scott’s opening monologue in the movie Patton probably comes to mind. A rough, tumble leader that barks commands and inspiration at his troops about to enter the battlefield. Or, you might be laughing along at the quirky Michael Scott, from The Office. Both icons of leadership (the good and the bad) offer lessons, but the overriding theme for leadership success in today’s climate is service.

1. Great Leaders Serve Their Team

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and jump to service the customer. After all, they’re the source of your revenue. But, great leaders understand that in order to service their customer, they must first service their team. What can you do today to make your team’s life easier? Simplify, standardize and improve working conditions to inspire and guide your team towards victory.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

-Richard Branson

2. Don’t Point, Jump into the Trench and Fight Alongside Them

Business is war. Every day your competitors bite at your heels, attempting to knock your organization off-balance and steal away your hard-earned clients. If you’re going to lead effectively, you must get off your butt and be present among the troops on the front-lines. Don’t rely on battle reports; see the battle unfolding and find potential issues before they become problems.

Inspire your team by working with them, instead of delegating via email and layers of bureaucracy. Facetime with the boss is significantly more powerful when it accompanies help on a difficult task or project. Even a word of encouragement in the midst of a long-term project can provide the extra incentive to give their all until the task is completed.

Find Great Hires, Inspire Them Through Service

It’s easy to bark orders. It’s much more difficult to lead by example, sacrificing ego in the name of conquering objectives as a team. Your title gives you the right to make decisions, but great leaders understand that a title doesn’t remove the necessity of hard work. Show your team you’re earning your salary by covering their backs while they implement your decisions.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

-John Maxwell


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