Time for Action!

As a busy coach I am lucky enough to be in a position where, on a daily basis, the fascinating people I work with tell me all about their big dreams, grand plans and compelling goals. Dreams, plans and goals that they have possibly never shared with

another living soul. And I can tell you that there are some amazing potential futures out there for these people!

So what will be the deciding factor as to whether these big dreams remain as dreams or become a wonderful and vibrant reality? A few words come to mind - clarity, vision, belief, motivation, support - all play a part. But the deciding factor in every case is - will this person take action? Will they act upon what they want and work towards making it happen?

All too often people don't realise their ambitions and make their dreams a reality because their aspirations remain as something that they think about, rather than something that they do or create. Having put all that effort into the thinking, dreaming and planning they find reasons not to do anything about it.

Interestingly, the most common reason that I hear for inaction is 'no time'. How often do you hear people say "If only I had the time"?

There is such a time-poor mentality around these days that we often appear to believe we have run out of time, or that there is literally none to spare because it's already been spent on the other stuff in our lives. Time is 'taken up' by so many things that

when it comes to the big goals and ambitions that require action, we don't feel we have any left.

Added to that, the nature of some of these wonderful dreams that people have (eg. Retraining for a new career) mean that they can take a certain amount of time to come to fruition and there can be a sense of "but it would just take so long!".

The thing is, though, time is passing anyway. Regardless of whether we take action, use it constructively and make it count, it is going by at the same rate. The real key to success is to decide to use it in the best way possible for what is most important to us.

We allow so many less important things to drain our time when we could choose at any moment to use it in a better way, in such a way that we make progress and start heading towards where we want to be. So that in a year or two years time, we'll be in a different place to the place we're in now. Well on our way to one of those compelling potential futures. Or perhaps by that time it will be our reality?

Is it time for you to Take Action?

Do you have a dream or ambition in which you've invested lots of thinking and planning time, but haven't taken action on? If so, keep reading!

Ask yourself:

* What needs to happen for me to achieve this?

What are all the steps?

* What is stopping me from taking action? How long will I allow these things to stop me?

* What is the one thing I could do in the next 24 hours to know that I have started taking action?

Will you do it?

If you want to attain the compelling future you dream about and you're ready to work with me as your coach to set your plan in motion that you will take action on, call me


Hi, I'm Maggie Currie, Coach, Speaker and Life Survivor.

I understand where you're at because I've been somewhere similar. I know what it's like to be struggling and lacking self-confidence.

Married at 19, I soon discovered not all relationships are sweetness and light. After several years of being criticised, belittled and put down, I had no self-esteem and no self-confidence.

I found myself at the age of 29 divorced, living in a tiny flat with 3 young children. I had flu, t...

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