Reducing your risk with the right employee

How can an employee create risk? How can you reduce that risk?

A riskis the potential that a chosen action or activity will lead to a loss or an undesirable outcome, which in the case of a business can be financial risk, project risk and reputational risk. Therefore by choosing and trusting the wrong employee you could direct your project or company to a disastrous outcome.

Consider this scenario: You work for an advertising company and are launching a pilot project involving mobile phone marketing. You’re company has never tried this before and your senior management is sceptical it can work, however they have given you a small budget to try it out because they have faith in your skills. You take on the project, the budget, and hire two people to help you out. There’s a lot of pressure to perform, to prove that this will be a revolutionary new source of marketing.

You start the project and your employees don’t have the competencies you require. You didn’t know this before hand, you took the only people in your department you could find available, but now you’re regretting it. Your project that you’re working on keeps getting delayed, because your staff members keep getting things wrong. Furthermore it’s not necessarily their fault; they’re simply not equipped with the knowledge and experience. You can spend a lot of time getting angry at them, but in part it’s your own mistake for making a bad employee scheduling decision.

However you also feel like you had little choice, because you had to find someone fast, and there was no way you could search all the available employees in the organisation. What you never realised was the real project and financial risk incurred from making a wrong hire. It has not only cost you your additional money to deal with the expenses, but also costs you your personal reputation of being able to deliver the project you’re working on.

What is the solution to this dilemma?

The solution is to make a better resourcing decision by choosing from a larger and more diverse pool of employees. Ideally one should be able to use a solid employee scheduling tool, in which they should be able to search the employees of their entire company based on their skills, experience, training or whatever criteria one wishes to search by. It is hard to know about all the variety of talents that are hidden within an organisation, and the results are often quite fruitful.

Ideally, an employee scheduling tool should track the information of individual employees in a comprehensive manner, where the information is not only broken into the fields mentioned above, but also can track the managers under which the employee works, hold a copy of the resume, tracks their availability and any other information useful when booking an employee. Furthermore the tool should enable sophisticated searches based on different scenarios regarding all these various things.

So where can one find such a tool? SAVIOM Employee Scheduling Software is great for searching instantaneously from a large pool of employees so that you choose the right employee. If you fail to do this you can put your projects ability to execute on time and on budget at risk, and furthermore you can put your reputation at risk.


SAVIOM is market leader in Resource Planning & Scheduling software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

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