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The son of an alcoholic mother and a step-father who’s rarely around awakes to the bright rays of the sun streaking through his bedroom window. He looks up and focuses his eyes on the $100 bill he has taped to the ceiling. He smiles contentedly at the three zeros he put on the bill to make it into a make-shift hundred thousand dollar bill. It is the goal that propels him forward with vigor each day. He doesn’t know how he will achieve this goal, he just knows he will. That is the story of Jack Canfield, the originator of the New York Times best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul. The series first rejected by 140 publishers as “un-sellable,” and which Time Magazine ultimately called the “publishing phenomenon of the decade.”

What made this former teacher such a huge success? Is he any different from you or me? Whether you are looking for financial freedom, want to live healthier or aspire to own a multi-million dollar business, this article will show you the traits that many successful people such as: Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey all have in common.


The first step to becoming successful is deciding how badly you want it. The more reasons and incentives; the more intense a desire you will have to achieve your goals. The desire to succeed has to be deep within you because success doesn’t come overnight and isn’t due to a single effort. It’s the accumulation of small efforts and sacrifices over an extended period of time. You have to be determined and willing to go the long haul. Will eating an apple for desert instead of ice cream really aid weight loss? It will if you are determined to succeed and do it repeatedly.

A way to maintain a burning desire is to visualize what you want. If you want to lose weight, picture yourself standing in front of the mirror with a new slimmer you looking back. How does this vision make you feel? Bask in that feeling. Being successful is a state of mind. Thinking about your success long before you achieve it in reality is the necessary precursor to becoming successful.

Daily visualization exercises will help you focus on your goals and keep you plugging away even if you fail or come across a set-back.


It also takes discipline to become successful. You may need to make sacrifices or delay gratification today to get what you want in the future. Keeping your functional older car instead of leasing a fully-loaded newer model may be the sacrifice you need to make in order to obtain financial freedom. But having the self-discipline to say to yourself that, although this would make you feel good right now, it won’t ultimately get you where you want to go, is difficult. Accepting that there will be a lot of sacrifices along the way will help you take charge of your self-limiting habits and negative behaviours. You will also become more aware of the low/no value activities taking you away from your goals instead of towards them.

By becoming more future focused you will better understand the long term consequences of your decisions. Most people think in the short term, but people who are successful continually think 5, 10, or even 20 years ahead. Every decision they make – big or small - is based on these long-term goals.

Once you start thinking far into the future it will be easier to control the way you invest your time, energy and talents. By establishing priorities, creating action plans, eliminating counterproductive behavior and engaging in effective time-management, you will develop more future-focused habits.


Get rid of self-limiting beliefs. Having confidence and a positive attitude will give you the unmistakable belief anything and everything is possible and that you can, and will ultimately achieve your goals. Most people stay in their comfort zone. Be prepared to take risks.

Strive for, and do that little bit more. Don’t settle for good or even excellent. Go for outstanding. Challenge yourself. Don’t just make a goal that you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Decide you want to become CEO of your own company generating revenues in excess of $1 million. Once you achieve your goal then continually raise the bar higher.

Set-backs and failures are there to test your level of commitment and should be welcomed as important learning opportunities instead of insurmountable obstacles. These opportunities will give you the skills and experience you need to move forward. They challenge you to think about the situation and open your mind to other possibilities.


Finally, attitude is everything. Your attitude can either be the key contributor or the biggest barrier to your success. As with magnets, like attracts like. If you develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude then you dramatically increase the opportunity for positive things to happen to you.

Focus on developing a positive outlook. You can train yourself to think positive thoughts. When you have a negative or self-limiting thought, see it for what it is – destructive. Remove the negative thought from your mind and replace it with a positive one. Keep doing this until all your thoughts are positive and there is no more room for negative thoughts. For example, replace, "I can't do it" with "I can do it" and you'll find your attitude and your life will greatly improve.

Whatever it is in life you want, you have to start with a burning desire and unbeatable determination. Once you have that, discipline, limitless thinking and most importantly a positive attitude is what will guarantee you unlimited success.


Maja Rehou is a business development expert and marketing specialist with over ten years extensive experience in social media, marketing, branding, media relations and corporate communications. She has a verifiable track record for helping mid size companies and B2B firms grow their business and generate more revenue by providing innovative business development strategies and highly targeted marketing materials.

Maja is also a past Director of Communications for the C...

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