Getting Website Traffic - Tips For Link Building

This article is entitled Getting Website Traffic - Tips For Link Building and the two things go hand in hand. Link Building can be a very tedious and boring process and might seem like a waste of time. What you should remember is that, while boring, it can prove to be one of the most profitable aspects of your business. It allows you to make back links which are a very important part of determining your Google page rank.

Back links determine what rank your website has on the pages of Google. When someone does a search for your product, your rank will decide where your website is located. You obviously want to get that rank as high as possible so people see your website first.

A lot of people will often jump right into Link Building without doing the proper research. This will lead to rookie mistakes and ultimately slow down the process. There are five good tips to help you optimize your efforts so you can get the most out of your business.

While page rank may no longer be the top dog of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is a good measure of your sites popularity. Back links make up the majority of your page rank. You need back links in order to increase your page rank.

1: Make sure to get relevant back links. Google's search bot is getting smarter and smarter, so if you fill your site up with links that have nothing to do with what your site is about, the bot will pick up on this and not drive the traffic you want. As with any good business ideas, you only want people interested in your product, so make sure the links pertain to your product and similar websites.

2: Don’t go for no follow links. No follow links will not be accredited as a bank link even if they direct traffic to your website. They were designed to deter spammers and as such will not increase your page rank. This makes them virtually worthless from an SEO point of view.

3: Getting website traffic depends on not just working harder but also working smarter so always use anchor text with your backlinks. Anchor text is a very important aspect of Link Building. Google's search engine puts a lot of stock in anchor text so by using that for your back links and keywords allow you to add just that much more kick to it.

4: Try to get permanent back links. It is hard enough trying to climb the ladder and get a high rank. Even with the best home business ideas the worst thing is losing that high rank by losing your links. If you get links from a subscription service you also run the risk of losing those if you ever cancel. So try to get permanent links that you will not lose regardless of what you do.

5: Links from high ranked sites carry more weight than links from lower ranked sites. Outgoing links carry the value of the host URL, what this means is that the URL in the link is what is carrying the most weight. If you can, you should try to get back links from high page rank sites.


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