Good Business Ideas - 3 Essential Checks

1. First and most important, is there a market for your product or service and what is your competition. You have to know your competition so that you know how to beat them. Will you actually enjoy the work and do you know your market enough to compete professionally and knowledgeably. There are many good business ideas out there but they often rely on market knowledge or past experience.

If you don't have the market knowledge then you should think about a mentor or partner to help you thru the early days but then you have to take into account the fact that recruiting an advisor could be expensive. If you have a partner then you should consider if the business can sustain a partnership especially in the early days when you are working on a low budget.

2. How are you going to advertise your business and do you have the resources for an effective advertising campaign. Many Good Business Ideas come to nothing in the early days due to over investment in advertising which puts an immediate strain on the business budget. There are many cheap ways to advertise a business without resorting to expensive advertising campaigns. As the business grows then so can the advertising budget.

It doesn't matter which business you choose, there are many free and cheap ways to advertise especially in your local community and word of mouth is one of the best ways you will ever find of building your business quickly. How often do you see a conservatory or garage being built onto one house in the street and before you know it, everyone has one.

3. Are you planning to run the business on a full time or perhaps part time basis whilst carrying on with your regular job. If you are starting the business full time, does your business plan(essential especially for getting loans etc) allow for little or no profits in the early months because unrealistic expectations can be the critical difference between success and failure.

A lot of new business starters are completely unprepared for the setbacks and hardships that are often required in order to get the business success that they crave. They often start with a naïve excitement and over expectation only to find that they have not done there homework properly and run in deep trouble before they are making enough money to offset the costs in the early days.


Choose a market or niche where there is a need for your product or service and one that you will enjoy. Set strict budgets in your business plan in relation to costs, advertising, marketing and wages. Be realistic, you are going to have to work very hard for little or no money until you get the business up and running.


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