One Way To Earn Residual Income Without A Website

I have found network marketing to be one of the best ways to earn residual income without a website. There are basically two ways you can do this.

Many people get hung up on making money on the Internet because they do not have a website. Network marketing is a business model that provides many things to their distributors.

1. Retail website.

2. Business opportunity website.

On your retail website you will be selling your MLM products to the public. You purchase the products at wholesale and sell them at retail.

You do not need to build your website because it will be coded with your network marketing ID number. You promote that specific website and make money when people purchase products.

The great thing about network marketing today is you do not even handle the product. The MLM company will collect the money and ship the product for you.

Autoship is a good way to develop a residual income. Your customer will receive their product on a monthly basis without you needing to remind them to re-order.

You can also build a downline and earn money on all products that are purchased and sold by distributors underneath you. You will have a business opportunity website where you can prospect, and enroll new distributors.

This can be done 100% online. As your group grows your income will grow with it. Eventually you can earn a residual income without a website by building a large network marketing business.

You can also be in more than one opportunity at a time. This lets you make money with your MLM business in multiple niches.


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