Be, Do, Have click on this note. Go on.....TRY it now, did you click? There is no such thing as try, either u DO click on it or u don't. There is NO TRY. So Be the person you have to be (the person you want to be) Start being that person now. Start acting the way you would act if you had what you say you want. If you want to be slim and toned, act the way a slim and toned person would act. Eat and exercise the way they would. Stand and smile confidently they way you feel they would. Be first….. then only can you "DO" not TRY to do, but DO the actions that will bring you closer and closer to being like that mental image you have in your mind of who you want to be. Only when you Be and Do, will you HAVE. Have that slim frame! Have riches! Have fame! Have Success!


Malti Bhojwani, 38 is a Sydney mum, trained life coach and in NLP. She possesses a great sense of humour with which she touches lives across the world. Seeing someone take responsibility for their life by declaring what they want and then working towards it, is what she thrives on. Malti coaches using powerful techniques to help discover strategies and create new ones much after they complete coaching with her. Join her facebook page:

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