Seven Deadly Business Habits – related to Seven Deadly Life Habits!

Running a successful business is not always as easy as we think it will be. It takes work. However it may not be the kind of work you might think. To become successful at work, we must also be physically and mentally healthy - and remain that way. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly ignorant of how poor our health really is. Success is not just about money in the bank - it is also about health and happiness.

Recently, I saw a health show featuring Dr.Oz. He was speaking on the "Seven Deadly Habits you need to break now". These are poor habits that we practice every day that will shorten our lives.

After reviewing them - I realized they are almost exactly the same types of "habits" that if committed in business - will shorten the life of our business - AND affect our health!

Below I have listed Dr. Oz's "Seven Deadly Habits " and below them have listed "Seven Deadly Habits of Business" . Please be sure to visit

Dr.Oz's site to see the entire article and the suggestions he makes!

Dr. Oz's Deadly habit 1: Not Stretching In The Morning

Moving your body and releasing stress first thing is critical to preparing for a day where you are in control of your body.

Deadly business habit 1: Not Stretching

Learning to live outside our comfort zone - stretching -prepares us for bigger and better opportunities - and helps us to be more in control of our businesses.

Prescription: Seek to learn something new every day. Stretch

your ideas by using strategies businesses in industries other than your own use. Listen to seminars, attend workshops and read as much as you can about trends in and out of your industry.

Dr. Oz's Deadly Habit 2: Not Eating Breakfast

If you don't eat right when you wake up, your body senses a famine is coming and slows your metabolism to compensate. Then, when your body is presented food later, it's ravenous and wants to pack it in, leading to bingeing with a slow metabolism - a recipe for weight gain.

Deadly Business Habit 2: Not feeding your mind

If you are not feeding your mind - and you simply focus in the mundane and small aspects of your business you will eventually starve your business of resources and ideas. It is when you finally realize that you need new information that it becomes easy to jump at the first big new idea someone presents and devour it - whether or not it is good for your business.

Prescription: Instead, feed your mind daily - so you can discriminate between a good idea - and a get rich quick scam!

Dr. Oz's Deadly Habit 3: Running Late

Being perpetually late adds unnecessary stress to your life and takes control away from you, giving it to the people you disappoint and to the clock. That added stress, in turn, can lead to chronic inflammation and high blood pressure, which are linked to all kinds of diseases.

Deadly Business Habit 3: Running Late

business owner with an unplanned day. People not only

lose respect for those who cannot arrive on time, you increase stress levels and take away from your effectiveness as a business owner. Running late can also cost you the next deal.

Prescription: Use you planner - and schedule your business days well. You will feel more in control, relaxed and your confidence levels will soar! (you'll also be healthier)

Dr. Oz's Deadly Habit 4: Mindless Eating

Hitting the vending machine at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, raiding the pantry several times a day, eating through a bag of chips before we even realized we've opened them. We're all guilty of eating without thinking about it sometimes. Problem is that often we are eating out of boredom, for a distraction, or to fill a hunger that can't be met by food. And when we fill up on junk food, we add unhealthy calories, gaining fat and stressing our liver.

Deadly Business Habit 4: Mindless Spending

It is quite common for businesses to ‘nickel and dime' themselves to bankruptcy. Just because we have an expense account or a petty cash - does not mean we have to use it. Mindless spending - without true purpose prevents us from spending larger amounts on things we really need.

Prescription: Keep a close eye on the lattes, donuts and small unnecessary expenses. Save you pennies and your nickels will count themselves!

Dr. Oz's Deadly Habit 5: Becoming A Couch Potato

Flopping down in front of the TV at the end of a long day can feel good, but it's actually doing a world of hurt to your body. Your metabolism still needs a workout as the evening draws to a close. Without it, your muscle turns

to fat. Every decade we increase our percentage of fat by 5%.

Deadly Business Habit 5: Becoming glued to your desk

Spending eight to ten hours glued to your desk might make you feel like you are getting a lot done, but in reality you are likely turning your brain to mush and causing your muscles to atrophy. You are probably also hunched forward

and not breathing well. Your body and mind needs movement and oxygen to function effectively.

Prescription: Get up once every 45 minutes to stretch and breathe and move around. Take a break from your desk at lunch and go for a walk or play a game of tennis. You will return to work invigorated - with more ideas and a higher concentration level. You really will get more work done and be far more balanced!

Dr. Oz's Deadly Habit 6: Disconnecting

So many of us pull away from the people who support us at exactly the times we need them mostundefinedwhen we're going through a divorce, facing a financial crisis, feeling bad about our bodies. Adding the stress of bottled up emotions

to already challenging times only leads to health problems down the road.

Deadly Business Habit 6: Disconnecting

Many of us when we are feeling unsuccessful want to hide from others for fear that we will be ‘found out' for the fraud we think we are. There is nothing more important in business than staying connected to customers and business peers - especially when you are experiencing a slowdown or funds shortages. Isolating yourself from others increases stress levels, affecting our health and increasing the likelyhood of us making bad decisions. It's a vicious circle.

Prescription: Get out and network, visit clients and potential clients and invest in the relationships around you. We all need people for support

and encouragement. It is important to stay connected.

Dr. Oz's Deadly Habit 7: Not Having A Bedtime

Kids have to be in bed at 8, but adults fill their evenings with TV, to-do lists, chores and more, falling into bed at a different (and later) time each night. That irregularity not only means fewer hours of sleep, but a lesser quality

of sleep, both of which are causes of weight gain and disease.

Deadly Business Habit 7: Not Having A Quitting Time

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often fool themselves into thinking that if they work long hours they will get ahead faster. They also live under the myth that they must do it all. This leads to burnout, poor sleep habits and to top it all off - it affect their ability to think clearly. That is no way to grow a business!

Prescription: Set a start time and a finish time - and stick to it. If you have a routine chances are you will have fewer emergencies and as you establish those working boundaries - people are less likely to call you after hours. Business owners and entrepreneurs need and deserve down time. Schedule it and stick to it. You will find you get more done, will stay healthier and have more time off!

Having a healthy business requires you take care of yourself first and your business second. But many of the things we need to do to stay healthy - we do not do. Maybe this is why we perpetuate these similar practices and habits in our business life. Change your life - and take care of yourself - and you business will automatically benefit. You cannot change anything in life to make it better - unless you change first!


Mandie Crawford is a marketing expert, business coach, trainer and motivational speaker who was recently awarded Calgary Business Woman of the Year for her contributions to the business community.

Mandie also has skills and expertise in providing high quality guidance in time management and system implementation for small a medium sized businesses. Her passion as a business and professional development coach is to helps women recognize their value and self worth.

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