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Joomla!, an another widely used content management system, which is supported by its large community of developers posses all the features to suit any nature of business. No matter if you want to make a professional website, an online shop or a personal website you can do it all for through Joomla! Its easy installation and powerful administrator's panel makes it winner amongst the other content management solutions. One can very easily add content, images & audio and manage the database of his website. Such a great popularity of this software is also due to the large numbers of available templates and extensions. Wide availability of its plug-ins also helps the owner to make the website the way it needs to be. The setting up of its navigation structure also can be managed with the help of auxiliary tools.

Being an open source it is free to all and can be used by anyone. Its extensions, which help you in customisation of your website, can be found on its website. Some are free and for others you need to pay to use. But still if you are not exactly getting the module or extension of your choice you can create it. There are various tutorials available online for Joomla. You can read and watch videos available on YouTube or other video sharing sites. To understand the codes, you just need to have little technical knowledge about HTML and PHP and then, even you would be able to work on its technicalities. Or, the best and the most feasible thing would be to hire a company providing Joomla! services and they will do it for you in a more professional manner.

Joomla! Benefits:

1: Since the software has database driven site engine, it helps you to separate content, design and code.

2: Control over content. You do not need to be a technical person to publish or edit content.

3: People, other than admin can also publish content i.e multiple logins/users/authors.

4: Easy customisation of layout or design without disturbing the content.

5: You can create polls/voting system and forum to measure readers' choice.

6: Thousands of 3rd Part Extension to make your customization easy.

7: Browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the site.

So if you are planning to adopt any CMS solution for your website anytime soon then don't forget to keep Joomla! away from your consideration list.

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