Are You Thinking Too Small?

Most people are.

Most people do.

It is a fact of life.

But what about you?

Are you settling for less than you really can do?

Simply because it is easier?


Less risky?

Or – are you one of those who is ready to go for it all.

Simply fact I need you to understand.

Think small – achieve small.

Think big – achieve big.

In life, in business, in your career in your family – in everything you do, this is a fact of life.

Whether you believe it of not is not relative, it will still happen this way, that is a fact.

If you want to achieve a great deal, then today, stop thinking small and start thinking big.

Great success is about believing that you can do so much more.

It is about taking the limits off and letting yourself go after what you really want with a belief you will get it.

We have become a nation that settles for less than we can have – thinking way to small.

We have allowed the tough times to make us think smaller instead of bigger.

We have allow the world to hold us back.

We have slowed our thinking so we all are thinking small – that way everyone can keep up.

A great part of thinking big is seeing big.

Please understand that if you can't see it in your mind, if you cannot see it happening in your mind, then you are never going to be able to make it happen in real life – and that is a fact.

So if you want to go for the big – then get that solidly engrained in your mind – today.

Are you ready to get started and ready to start thinking bigger – today.

Ready to believe in what you really want.

Ready to believe you can really achieve it.

I know you might just think it is all fluff - but before you do – go out and talk to those who have really made it big. The one thing you will learn is that they had vision, they had dream, they never through little, they though big. Well so can you.

Remember that to get big, you first have to think big.

If you can't think big, you will never get big.

Sir Edward Hillary put it best when after a failed climb of Mt. Everest he said, “Mt. Everest, you have defeated us. But I will return. And I will defeat you. Because you cannot get any bigger, and I can.”

Wow – how much bigger can you get in your thinking of what you want to do.

Why not start today and really make it happen.

Start the process today.

Go back and look at the things you are trying to achieve with a new set of glasses on.

Go back and remove those limits that you have put on them.

Now, think big and see what you come up with.

Think big and write down what comes to your mind.

Think big and let yourself go.

Then capture that and start going for it.

Your success will be there, so, so, so much bigger than you ever believed.

But today – before we go on in the weeks to come – today you have to start by thinking BIG.

Failure creates success – if you never think big, you never fail. But the question is, do you ever really succeed?


Manny Nowak is serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years he has built a number of successful and not so successful business enterprises. This has included software, high-tech consulting and tradeshow enterprises. He is a success coach who knows how to get the best out of his clients. He understands what it is like to site in your seat, because he has been there and done it. Though real life experience in building, running and working with small business he can relate to your needs and he...

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