Speed Limits Do Not Reflect Your Capacity

Do you let speed limits hold you back from all you can accomplish?

Do you hold back the capacity of you?

Do you excel or are you driving with the brake on?

When looking at cars, we all know that speed limits do not really reflect the capacity of how fast our cars can go. They are simply the law of how fast we are allowed to drive without running the risk of getting a ticket. Most of us drive cars with a capacity far beyond what the speed limit is.

The same is true in our lives and the same is true about us.

Most of us have a capacity far beyond the speed limit that we have imposed on ourselves.

Far beyond the speed limit we have put on our business and career.

What happens when we look at our capacity? Start to understand what we can really do. Look at all the talent, ability and gifts God gave us? .

What happens when we take time to understand it and apply our real and true capacity to our lives?

What happens when we implement a new plan to use all we have to make it happen.

What happens is unbelievable success, that is what happens.

We have to believe this simple point, “there are no limits to what we can accomplish” – so please let us move forward with that thought today. Starting today to use all our capacity. Starting today to help other around us do the same thing. Starting today to make it happen.

We need to start thinking big and watching what happens to all we do.

If we talk about making $100,000 a year – that is what we go after.

If we talk about making a millions dollars a year – that is what we go after.

If we talk about making 10 millions dollars a year – that is what we go after.

If we talk about making 1 billion dollars a year – what would happen?

What we go after drives us.

So the question is, which way are we going to move forward?

We accomplish so much more if we go after so much more.

We accomplish so much more when we use our capacity, our gifts, all we were given, to a higher degree.

The bottom line is we accomplish so much more in our life when we use that capacity.

So, let us start today.

Go after the big one.

Stop settling for less.

Use ever bit, every drop of that capacity we have and watch what happens.

To many times we let other impose limits on us.

To often we allow others to limit all we can do.

If there was no speed limit on the road, how fast would we drive that car of ours? That could be scary.

There is no speed limits on your capacity in life.

As you march into this year I want you to remember that and put the pedal to the medal.

I want you to move forward dreaming, believing and knowing that you can do it all.

Right now the economy is stopping many of us.

But is it really?


We are stopping ourselves.

We are driving our lives by some imposed speed limit on our capacity.

Today we need to commit to start using our capacity to the maximum and watching what happens to our lives and to all we do.


Manny Nowak is serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years he has built a number of successful and not so successful business enterprises. This has included software, high-tech consulting and tradeshow enterprises. He is a success coach who knows how to get the best out of his clients. He understands what it is like to site in your seat, because he has been there and done it. Though real life experience in building, running and working with small business he can relate to your needs and he...

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