Five Tips About Employment Verifications and Background Checks

If you have not read our section on employment verifications, please do so bygoing to our site. We give good insight into understanding what they are and how they can affect the offer process. It is widely unknown that the employment verification process plus background checks can make or break your entire offer. Most people believe that once an offer is accepted all you have to do is resign and move into the new position. Below are five tips to ensure employment verifications and background checks go smoothly.

  1. Do not resign from your current position until all employment verifications and background checks are complete. Many employers will tell you that they will need to contact your current HR department to fully complete them. While partially true, most employers today outsource their employment verifications and background checks so your employer would never find out anyway.
  2. DO NOT LIE. Everything comes out in a background check and that includes personal and professional. Some people believe that if their crime or criminal act was over 10 years ago, it does not matter. Honestly, it may not, but the employer will find it and think that you were dishonest on your application. Every single word written on your application can be held up in a court of law. It’s simple, do not lie anywhere on the application.
  3. As with the above, do not lie on your salary. This is so important, it needed its own section. Many people believe that if they round up or are only a few thousand off, it won’t really matter. If any employer finds this out, chances are high that they will get rid of you. You would be surprised how many people do not know their exact salary. Do you? The tip here: Carry a W2 statement with you when filling out an application. Be honest and accurate.
  4. In order for any employer to do any kind of “check” or verification on you, they must obtain your permission. While majority of people just sign the application when done, be sure to read it in its entirety. It will be in very small print what verifications and checks they will be doing if you receive an offer. This is to protect both parties.
  5. Many companies are simply no longer just doing per-employment screening; they are also doing continuous or ongoing screening. This should be listed in your employee manual/handbook when you officially start. This means that they will have the right to run a background check on you at any time within your employment time with them. If something bad happens to you, report it immediately to HR so there are no surprises. Better safe than sorry.


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