Release Renew Receive

Let's contemplate, for a moment, our true intentions and soul purpose. Some of us have taken time to sit down and really give thought to our changing lives, our essential beliefs, intentions and new beginnings.

Let's begin the process of Release, Renew and Receive.


The first step I like to suggest is to release anything that may be holding you back from realizing life dreams. Think about the past year. Is there anything you would like to let go of? You can be as detailed or as general as you wish. Nevertheless, it's not necessary to over analyze.

Maybe you find that you are procrastinating about changing your career, and you would like to seek work that is exciting, meaningful and joyful. You might find yourself experiencing health problems and you are ready to renew and revitalize your energy.

Decide what specifically you would like to focus on. Take a deep breath and as you exhale begin the releasing process. You can let go by affirming: I intend to release these aspects of my life. I now consciously release____________________.

Another very simple way of doing this is to say: I now release any situations, thoughts, beliefs, or feelings that may be holding me back from my highest good. Imagine that you are releasing these aspects in the form of a "gift" to your higher self. Take a few moments to enjoy this gift as it returns to you transformed into light, love, peace and joy.

You can repeat this technique, one of many clearing tools available, whenever you become aware that you are holding back or resisting something. Know that as you release, you are changing and aligning your energy with your new intentions. Every time you set intentions that you are truly passionate about, your energy level will elevate and you will feel naturally inspired to take action.

Now that you have consciously practiced a clearing technique, you can move to the next step of creating your intentions. If you have already done this, you may wish to use the processes below to ensure that the core qualities you desire are included.


"To activate the creative forces that lie dormant in your life, you must go to the unseen world, the world beyond your form. Here is where what doesn't exist for you in your world of form will be created. You might think of it in this way: In form, you receive in-formation. When you move to spirit, you receive in-spiration. It is this world of inspiration that will guide you to access anything that you would like to have in your life." Wayne Dyer

What new purpose, goals or dreams would you like to include during this year? In order for you to be highly successful in this process, it's important to include both the qualities or essence that you desire to experience, and secondly to write down your physical goals. Why is this essential? Qualities of life, such as love and peace, remain with us as we focus our energies in that direction. Physical forms change. We may sell an old car and buy a new one, or move from one house to another in a different location. We wear clothes, they eventually wear out, and we purchase new ones.

So let's begin by looking at the qualities you desire to experience this year. What resonates the most for you? Is it love, friendship, support? Do you desire a greater sense of peace, centeredness and tranquility? Do you wish ease, flow, prosperity, success and fulfillment of purpose?

Perhaps adventure, fun, creativity and self-expression beckon to you. Are you in career transition? You may be thinking about incorporating the aspects of excellence, service and how your specific talents can benefit others in a way that brings everyone great joy. Are there other qualities or values you personally would like to include into your daily life?

One Christmas my husband, Tom, gave me a gift that brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched. I had talked about wanting to paint for fun, which is something I have done in the past and really enjoyed. Christmas Eve I opened my gifts-an easel, several blank canvases of different sizes, numerous paints, a mixing palette and various brushes.

I was not expecting this wonderful gift! My energy level went up and off the chart as I felt myself getting excited about the prospect of painting. What colors, textures and effects would I choose? What subjects would I begin with? I don't know how to draw lines or figures and I have taken one series of art classes. However I love to work with color, space, form and texture. Whatever I create is an opportunity for self-expression and just plain fun!

Imagine that you have a blank canvas and that you can create whatever you desire. I'm not just talking about something that would be nice to do. I am talking about connecting with your personal unique talents, getting your creative juices flowing, your heart pumping, and providing you with "inspired action."

"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive..."- Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Monthly technique

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your imagination go. Let your heart lead you to the most exquisite adventures you can imagine. Now, write down what comes to mind. No editing please...

Let's say that having a dream home is your intention. Write down the qualities the home you want offers you. Your home might reflect love, serenity, and beauty, for instance.

What are the physical attributes? Is your home spacious, light filled, with a good floor plan? Does it have one or two stories? Is it Tudor style, Indian, Oriental, or Feng Shui influenced?

Be sure to keep intentions in the present tense. The only time where desires take place and realizations occur are in the present moment. If we wait for something, or see it in the future, we will always be waiting or running after it!

If you find yourself resisting, such as "I can't afford it," or "I'll have to relocate" for example, go back to step one and write these thoughts and feelings down, releasing your resistance. When resistance and any tension are gone you can focus on your new or renewed intentions-feeling genuinely aligned with them.

As a result, you naturally experience increased joy and fulfillment in the moment. Any feelings of being stuck, frustration or resentment melt away.

Allow your heart and your inner guidance to help you clarify your intentions. In this manner you will automatically be aligned and magnetic to your abundant good.

Continue to act as if you already have your dream home: select the location where you might like to live. Visit open houses. Start a decorating book and collect magazine pictures of styles, colors and designs you like. Make a treasure map, like I did for our vacation home in Sedona Arizona and two consecutive homes in the California wine country.

Paste a picture of a home you love, the decor, and affirmations that you deserve to receive your dream home-thank you Universe! Imagine that you receive your home loan and that you have the means to easily pay it off.


Most of us can explain and ask for our intentions, but we may have difficulties in opening up to receiving them. Once our aligned intentions are set, we combine releasing and receiving. We let go of control of our "ego" and allow the universal intelligence to respond to our requests. We can help this process by affirming "I let go of control and trust that the universe responds for the highest benefit of all involved."

"The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn't mean you have to give up the intention to create your desire. You don't give up the intention, and you don't give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result." Deepak Chopra

By letting go of our intentions we open up to our abundance and flow. We trust and expect to "receive." The results may be different than we have envisioned, but they are always for the best. Our human vision is somewhat limited, while Universal Spirit is unlimited vision.

Those abundant gifts are always available to us, so it's a matter of knowing that we deserve and consciously expect to receive them!

Watch for signs that suggest any action to be taken. Sometimes you will receive small indications. For example one client, Linda, used the custom CD I created for her to build her self-esteem as well as to lose weight. Her intuition led her to start working out at a health club. After several months she lost forty pounds and met a compatible love partner at her fitness club.

Monthly Affirmation: My life is a blessing. I am renewed in spirit and am guided to actively realize my soul dreams.

Monthly technique: At the end of your day, during this month, ask yourself what positive qualities are filling your life and note any changes in this respect.


Marcie Hunt is a Prosperity Life Coach and founder of the company Inner Vision, Outer Power since 1987. Specializing in personal growth and development, she delivers her life-transforming presentations at events and seminars. Speaker, writer and coach, Marcie has guided thousands of clients to lasting success and increased financial prosperity. You can check out her e-course, The Secret to Manifesting Prosperity here: Marcie has a unique blend of...

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