The Art of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasts achieve and pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances. They are bon vivants and love to laugh. They never get bored. They get excited about the little things. If you offer them a gift, they will hug you and use it immediately. Go shopping or to a museum or event with them, and they enjoy and appreciate everything around.

Don't you love being with them? Their wonder and enthusiasm is inspiring to everyone they touch.

The Keys:

Each of us has this innate quality. It's just a matter of renewing or reviving it. Here are some thoughts about how to increase your quality of enthusiasm. Some points may resonate with you and others not. Please take what works for you.

1. Whenever you start an activity, like walking along the beach or going to a sports event, pretend that it is the first and the last time you are participating in this experience. This will shift your perspective, renewing your sense of aliveness for your activities.

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth... not going all the way, and not starting."


2. Decide that you are not going to be a non-participant in life. If you wait to join while others take action, that's ok. However, when you allow your joy to express itself and you become more active, you will experience the vitality and joy that you missed before. Notice your energy level. Energy feels restrained and restricted when you hold back. It becomes powerful and vital when you really go with the flow.

3. If you are involved in a career or a job you dislike, make it a point each day to come in with a fresh and positive attitude. Look for things that uplift you, or ways you can uplift others. If you change jobs later to align with your life purpose-great! Until then, enjoy the moments to the fullest.

Following is Jim Fitch's story. "I was experiencing a great deal of chaos in my life. Like many organizations and businesses, the college that I work for cut staff in an effort to balance our budget. I was one of the people left behind. Simultaneously we experienced a change in leadership in our division that I found to be extremely stressful."

"As I worked with Marcie and a custom CD that she crafted for me, I found myself and my perspective changing, such that I am experiencing renewed energy to face changes. And for the first time since the changes, I am more focused on my goals with the organization I work for, rather than simply making it through the day."

"Pay attention to your higher nature, and your lower one will simply wither from lack of attention."

Sanaya Roman, Living with Joy

4. Make a conscious effort, for your own benefit, to let go of the typical obstacles or barriers you may be hanging on to. Are you tired of being stuck in a routine? Do you feel stressed out often? Find something in your routine that can give you joy. Perhaps taking the kids to their soccer games allows them to be strong and healthy, with good team values. You can be delighted that you are helping them to achieve this. Or perhaps you will meet new friends that are enjoyable for you.

If you feel stressed, begin to enjoy the present moment more and to think less about everything you "have to do." Seek a better balance by taking a little break, or maybe take a delicious walk during lunchtime. Involve your senses-sight, smell, and feelings.

5. Decide to bring more acceptance, love, support and enthusiasm to others around you-especially anyone that you feel frustrated or annoyed with. Remind yourself that they are a spiritual being too, just like you.

Sometimes it is helpful to remember when someone was supportive of us through moments of challenge or struggle. How appreciative we were for their understanding!

6. Do you feel lonely or unsupported by others at times? Imagine for a few moments, as you relax with your eyes closed, how loved and supported you are. Remember a person or event that gave you great love and joy, and bring these feelings within. Focus on the qualities of love. Next bring the qualities of joy within. Sense the feelings of wonder. Feel the sensations of aliveness.

This technique is packed with power, and it only takes 5-15 minutes.

7. Embrace new things, people and ideas. Sometimes we have a tendency to hang on to the past, or to think that the future will be worse than the present. This can cause us pain and frustration. There is often some tension before attempting new things. It is a time of gathering energy to make the change into a higher vibration-or energy.

If you are trying something new, it may take a little time to improve, but your skills will increase. That is the gift of growth-whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical action.

If you don't already, think of change as a beautiful gift that is light and fun-a great opportunity to learn more!

"What then is the creative state of mind, which so few have been able to be in? It is first of all, one whose interest in what is being done is wholehearted and total, like that of a young child. With this spirit, it is always open to learning what is new, to perceiving new differences and new similarities, leading to new orders and structures rather than always tending to impose familiar orders and structure in the field of what is seen." David Bohm, scientist and philosopher On Creativity

Monthly Technique

I consciously incorporate more joy and enthusiasm into my daily activities during this month.

Monthly Affirmation: "I choose to be enthusiastic and to enjoy life!"


Marcie Hunt is a Prosperity Life Coach and founder of the company Inner Vision, Outer Power since 1987. Specializing in personal growth and development, she delivers her life-transforming presentations at events and seminars. Speaker, writer and coach, Marcie has guided thousands of clients to lasting success and increased financial prosperity. You can check out her e-course, The Secret to Manifesting Prosperity here: Marcie has a unique blend of...

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