The ONLY Way to Wealth-How to FEEL Abundant

Here are 5 steps to Feeling Abundant and Fulfilled.

1. Be aware of your inner conversations.

What are you thinking about when you think of money or prosperity in your life? A poverty consciousness focuses on why things won't work out. A prosperity consciousness looks for an inspired way to find solutions to challenges. You can shift your thoughts, for example, from "I never seem to have enough money" to "Money is now flowing in easily more and more each day."

2. Don't beat yourself up

if you feel negative about what is manifesting for you in the past or currently. If you lose focus or go into an emotional meltdown, allow yourself to feel the emotions. Then return to your true prosperous intentions and refocus. This is not a major set- back. By becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings, you learn when your energy is at a low vibration, and you can shift that to regain a higher attraction to a wealthy and healthy life.

3. Congratulate yourself as you progress.

Even when it's a small success, take credit and be kind to yourself. When your thoughts turn to expecting your intentions to manifest, or when you receive a special gift, take credit for your prosperous consciousness! Every time you practice self-love and nourishment you create new healthy patterns. Feeling safe, optimistic and trusting about good things to come, are qualities that naturally attract greater wealth.

4. Don't dwell on the past.

OK, so it's easier said than done, right? Changing habits can take some patience. Remember this: Nothing in your past can block you from receiving what you have asked for now. What happened in the past-is past!

Nothing can stop your success, unless you believe it can.

Direct your attention and focus on creativity, helpful and supportive people, and giving service to others with joy and ease. You are creating your future NOW. Play with it, have fun with it.

5. Treat yourself well.

If you tend to be judgmental and critical about yourself, start letting go of that habit. Begin to recognize all of the good deeds you do. Think about your positive qualities and talents you have to offer others and the world. The more you love and accept yourself, the more delicious and expansive prosperity you will be able to receive. As you will feel like you deserve amazing abundance, deep down inside, you automatically create its manifestation.

Look for the next five steps to feeling abundant and fulfilled in my next article.


Marcie Hunt is a Prosperity Life Coach and founder of the company Inner Vision, Outer Power since 1987. Specializing in personal growth and development, she delivers her life-transforming presentations at events and seminars. Speaker, writer and coach, Marcie has guided thousands of clients to lasting success and increased financial prosperity. You can check out her e-course, The Secret to Manifesting Prosperity here: Marcie has a unique blend of...

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