Marcus Asay Explains How Entrepreneurial Development Affecting Economic Development

Marcus Asay says, A good entrepreneur can develop and formulate a strong economy. In fact, entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the industrial growth and development of a country. Conceived as the backbone of a country, the entrepreneurship spirit bestows persistence, enthusiasm and the capability to search for entrepreneurial opportunities leading towards success and growth. A country's capableness to yield a stream of business opportunities can be attained only when the people of the nation takes participation in the entrepreneurial activities. It is not at all necessary that a good entrepreneur is possessed with a strong financial and business background. In fact, well directed training sessions can always originate great and spectacular entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is the one who brings the overall change through advancements and innovation for the optimum social goodness. The sanctified human values inspire entrepreneurs to serve and cater the society. The main goals of entrepreneurship includes formulation of entrepreneurial awareness to the youths and prompting them to develop SME's, training sessions given to the potential new and young individuals needed to run and maintain their organizations successfully, enable people about the market strategies and global production in respect to market economy and boosting them to produce pollution free ventures. There are several advantages of entrepreneurship, including:

1. It promotes balanced regional development, capital formation and large scale employment.

2. It reduces the economic power concentration.

3. Promoting the export trade, it also stimulates the equitable distribution of income, wealth and political powers in the favor of the country.

4. It promotes the efficient use of resource mobilization.

5. It induces forward and backward linkages that arouse the procedure of economic development and growth.

Marcus Asay Fresno Futher explained, A good and successful entrepreneur is highly committed, determined and focused. In addition, he/she should be extremely goal oriented, quick learner, problem-solving, reliable, risk seeking and taking person. Playing a vital role in the economic development and growth of a nation, entrepreneurship is basically an economic embark through which people can change to move upwards within a very less period of time. The foundation and establishment of new firms have been remained always a central issue in the entrepreneurship research custom.

Marcus Asay who is also one of the top entrepreneurs says, In a nutshell, the occurrence of entrepreneurship in a country is like a miracle responsible for innovation, diversity and job creation. The versatile essential contributions that entrepreneurship has made include creation of large scale employment opportunities, promotion of capital formation, effective mobilization of skills and capital and advancement of balanced regional development.


Mr. Marcus Asay leverages over 20 years of professional experience toward his current role as Managing Director of ACS Association. A business leader with extensive experience, He is well versed in the intricacies of managing finance, labor relations, human resources, and general operations.

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