Today’s remark – next steps?

I recently sat in by phone on a TV Sales Department meeting and at the end I asked for “next steps.” There was silence and I could sense attendees looking at each other wondering what I was talking about. If you are having meetings thataren’tmoving your department or team forward with purpose why are you having them?

Are the agendas virtually the same every week – billing and pacing, traffic issues, upcoming unsold inventory, maybe a success story, “housekeeping,” and adjourn? Are you meeting because you don’t trust your people to read so you virtually read to them in the meeting? Are you meeting for team building and camaraderie but calling it a “sales meeting?”

Now think about meetings with your advertisers. How do they typically end?

Here are some suggestions for more effective meetings:

  • Every meeting/contact has a clear purpose – “checking in” is not a purpose!
  • End ALL meetings with ACTION STEPS or don’t have a meeting!
  • All action steps must be clearly defined and agreed to by everyone
  • Have agreed upon dates and deadlines assigned for all action steps
  • Be sure you do what you say you will do when you say you will do it!
Some meetings are fun but great meetings pull the process forward. Great meetings (internal and external) will make you remark-able.


Margie is an award winning media professional with 30+ years of experience working in the broadcast, radio, print and online industries. FOCUS ON CUSTOMER SUCCESS launched March '09 and helps Broadcast Companies grow audiences and revenue through their many information distribution channels. Sales training includes solution-based selling with a FOCUS ON CUSTOMER SUCCESS.

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