Team Effort

Because many sales people are hired for their independent skills, some of them have no interest in the concept of team selling. But little do these people know that a team effort can help sustain relationships, especially with customers who are willing to commit themselves to one supplier, in exchange for a team of experts ready to meet their needs. By having a selling team, you can bring high ticket sales into the organization. If you are considering the team selling approach, you can begin by following these guidelines:

1. Identify and make a list of employees who presently have contact with the customer. A well rounded team consists of specialists from sales, services, technical support, etc. 2. Select a team leader and make sure that each member knows his or her position on the team. Emphasize that all team members have a meaningful role to fill for the customers' satisfaction.

3. To give your team an opportunity to fulfill its potential, make sure the team members receive all the training they need to work efficiently with prospects and fellow team members. Also, create an effective method in which team performance can be monitored, and

compared to the team's goals. This will motivate your team and keep them looking forward to the next sale.


Mark Anthony began his company Training For Success over 20 years ago. Since then, he has served numerous companies in training their sales and telemarketing forces on how to increase conversions and average order size. Training For Success also focuses on lowering the marketing expenditures of companies of all sizes and increasing their return on investment. Some of Mark's clients have won national awards for their successes.

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