The Art of Communicating

INTRODUCTION: There are several basic skills that you need to acquire in order to improve your interpersonal communication skills. Effective communication is an essential part in our everyday lives. In this seminar you will be introduced to the basic interpersonal skills, which in turn will help you achieve more effective personal communication skills. The importance of each skill will be identified through a series of exercises that will be presented.

PROBLEM: If you don't present yourself with believability, you cannot achieve interpersonal success. It is an essential element of any presentation.

SOLUTION: Learn the nine major behavioral skills:

-eye communication

-posture, and movement

- gesture, facial expression

-dress, appearance

-8 ways to transmit your voice

- language, non-words

-listener involvement


-learn to use your natural charisma

Learn about Abraham Haslow's Four Stages of Learning:

-1. Unconscious Incompetence-we are not aware of our interpersonal communciation habits.

-2. Conscious Incompetence-we learn that we are not competent at something.

-3. Conscious Competence-we consciously make an effort to learn a new skill.

-4 Unconscious Competence-the skill set happens automatically at an unconscious level.

The Four Stages of Speaking:

-1. The non-speaker people at this level avoid "public" speaking at all costs.

-2. The occasional speaker people at this level reluctantly accept speaking assignments.

-3. The willing speaker-fear is not a drawback at this level.

-4. The leader-at this level people are driven to present themselves and their ideas.


Mark Anthony began his company Training For Success over 20 years ago. Since then, he has served numerous companies in training their sales and telemarketing forces on how to increase conversions and average order size. Training For Success also focuses on lowering the marketing expenditures of companies of all sizes and increasing their return on investment. Some of Mark's clients have won national awards for their successes.

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