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What will the average SEO consultant do with these numbers? What I do with them is to show what people pay good money to get, how competitive the terms are as of the previous month, and the monthly averages for each. What's great about this is that most clients are willing to peek into their Google Analytics accounts or do already. Now they can understand the value of their consultant's choices for keyword phrases.

Will widget X be popular on my already successful widget site if I decide to add it? This is a classic example of why Analytics helps clients to discover their bottom line. The more investment is put into Analytics management, the more it should pay off dividends of greater ROI and greater reach.

There is an saying in Japanese Zen: the way to control something is to watch it. That's what web analytics were created for. The numbers arriving on Google's keyword tool essentially allow us to control more thoroughly our own SEO and AdWords campaigns and know more about how does what and why.

My prediction for the next Analytics innovation is a more thorough tracking of keyword-initiated searches along the life of the visit, multi-vendor keyword campaign tracking, and of course, more funnel Goals, which are the only things keeping Google from being a viable all-purpose search marketing metrics tool. Until then, it's a great way for clients and search marketing professionals to meet on common ground and understand each other.


Mark Brimm is founder and Director of Digital Marketing, co-proprietor, and lead consultant at Interface Communications Group (,, an internet marketing company based in the Houston, TX area. Mark is also co-author of AdWords University: The COmplete Guide to AdWords. Mark has been consulting companies ranging from Fortune 5's to SMBs for over 15 years in the areas of Web Branding, Web Marketing Plans, Web Advertising, Web Publicity Campaigns, and Web Star...

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