Life-Long Learning Brings Success

In our research on the most successful people--in other words, the people who get promoted the most often, those who have the greatest impact in their field or profession, those people who are able to contribute in deeper and richer ways year in and year out--we found they all have something in common. Do you know what it is?

They engage in life-long learning!

If it's impossibly difficult--no matter where you are in your field or profession, no matter how far along you are-- for you to learn more each and every day, then it's not a passion.

Bill O'Neil, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Investor's Business Daily, had this to say about life-long learning:

"If you want to progress, get a better job, get promoted, you've got to be worth more! To do that, you've got to read a lot--I read a book about Thomas Edison and it was fascinating. He's become my hero. So, you need to learn about other successful people: how they did it and how they got to where they are."

This is the great test and great advantage of the most passionate people in their work: they learn more everyday!

A lot of us believe that if we're not "naturally" good at something, we can't do it--a notion that can completely stand in the way of us achieving our goals.

But, Keith Ferrazzi, co-author of the bestseller Never Eat Alone, and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, says that even if you’re not extraordinary at something, he guarantees you can get better than you currently are.

"If you recognize that a certain skill is important to your life and your success you can get better," he insists.

In order to do that, Ferrazzi advises that you continue doing exactly what you've already been doing: just take it a few steps farther.

"You don't have to become someone else to improve things in your life," he emphasizes. "Just figure out what you want to achieve in life, then determine who you need to be hangin’ out with and what you need to do to get that stuff done!"


Mark C. Thompson is a senior executive coach as well as a bestselling author and keynote speaker on business growth, change, sales, leadership & teamwork, success built to last. As one of the most successful senior business communication executive...

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