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Sensory persuaders are exactly what you might assume them to be. They are phrases the help to activate the five human senses and persuade your sales copy readers to take action. They are a very powerful tool that you'll want to include in your sale letters and marketing emails.

These phrases can be something that you or someone else, saw, heard, felt, tasted, smelled, or even sensed. They both build credibility for the point you are trying to make as well as offer an extra motivation for readers to take the next step.

Using sensory sources offers your readers a measure of proof that what you are communicating is more than just your opinion. You'll want to pay particular attention to phrasing these sentences in a way that enables your reader to visualize a particular outcome. As we all know, visualization is a very powerful tool in persuading people to do something.

In order to use sensory persuaders to their full potential you need to be able to write compelling descriptions that will make your readers think that they can't live without the product or service you are offering. Top copywriters use large numbers of adjectives and descriptive words throughout their sales copy that appeal to the reader's five senses.

When readers arrive at your sales page they obviously can't experience your product or service first hand. They can't pick it up, touch it or feel it. All they can do is read about what it has the potential to do. Thus our goal as copywriters is to create a user experience for your readers through our words. The way to do this is by stimulating their five senses. Effective copywriters will have their readers subconsciously smelling, tasting, touching, seeing, and hearing as if they were actually using your product at that very moment.

Adding descriptive words that stimulate the senses is a must as it makes your sales copy stand out and encourages more sales. Your sales copy needs to get inside the mind of your reader and by reflecting on your product or service, you will be able to determine exactly what senses you need to awaken when your copy is being read Naturally you need to select and focus on the senses that will drive the strongest results.

Stimulating your reader's senses with your sales copy is another powerful emotional trigger, and one that can produce excellent results. When you describe something in your sales copy that helps to trigger one of the five senses. you make it feel more real to your reader. Although some may scoff at the use of sensory persuaders, if you examine the most successful sales letters, you will find that they are use extensively.

Incorporating sensory persuaders into your writing can actually transport your reader and help them to visualize what you are saying. It also helps them become more emotionally involved in your copy. Not surprisingly, this helps subconsciously persuade them of the need to buy your product or service. I encourage you to use these as a tool in your sales letters. I think you will be very pleased with the increase in response that they generate.


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