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The visibility of your website on Google depends upon a lot of different factors. However one of the most important is the number of links that connect to you. Who you link to is of little or no value, but if you can get high quality links coming to your site, you can dramatically increase your visibility. Let's talk about some specific strategies you can begin to use immediately.

The first thing to consider is who do you want to have link to you? All links are not the same. Google ranks websites on a 10-point scale. A site that has a Google page rank of 1 is worth very little. Google reserves the 10s for themselves. A site such as CNN or Amazon are ranked around 8. Realistically your objective is to get sites that are ranked 5 or higher to connect to you. Set as a goal to get 12 sites linking to you and you will find that your own Google page rank and visibility increases substantially.

So what is the best way to get links? One option is to research the sites you would most like to have linked to you and contact them directly. I've heard that this can work but it's obviously very labor intensive and frustrating. I personally use three strategies, which only require a minimal investment and offer you a chance to get literally hundreds of high quality links.

The first is to write articles such as this one. The page on which you found this article has a link to my website through the information that appears in my author bio box at the end of the article. Rather than distribute the article manually to each and every article directory, I use an article distribution service to send them out. For example this article that you are reading will be distributed to over 700 article distribution sites. That's a lot of links. I typically write two or three 500-700 words articles a week that are sent out. Although that may be more writing than you want to do, you can outsource the task to a freelancer that you can find on elance or Even if you just write one article a month, you'll reap some great visibility rewards.

The second tool is video. For each article I write, I turn it into a short narrated video using power point slides. Although YouTube is the best known video directory service it actually only has about 11% of the video traffic. Thus I use a video distribution service to get my short video out through all of the various video directories. Since Google gives a lot of credit for video, these short videos tend to rank very high for the key words that I tag them with. It is important to keep in mind that I don't really expect that anyone would actually go onto YouTube and search for me. Rather, because my video is on YouTube it gets a lot of "Google credit" and shows up when someone does a search for my keywords. People watch the video and if they like what they see, they'll take the next step and go to my website for more information. This is a strategy well worth implementing.

The final strategy for getting links is the most direct. You simply buy them. You can go on Ebay and search for links for sale or one of the other services you can find by Googling "Buying Links". Expect to pay around $10 x the page rank of the site that you want to link to you. For example a website with a page rank of 5 would typically charge you between $40-$60 for setting up a link to your site. This may be expensive for some businesses, and it may not be where you focus first, but I've found that this is often money that is very well spent.


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