Monkey Management

We've all heard the expression "getting the monkey off your back". In a management context, the "monkey" is a metaphor for issues/projects that small business managers or owners take off the backs of their employees and place on their own.

What are the effects of taking on everybody else’s responsibilities? First, you spend less time managing your operations and developing strategies to grow your business. Secondly, you eliminate the opportunity for your employees to learn, slowing down their professional development.

Try taking a step back and letting your team do what they were hired to do - it will give you the time you need to manage growth and help your employees develop ownership of the issues that are important to your small business.


Mark Smiciklas is a Vancouver strategist that uses a casual, no-nonsense approach to help businesses engage with their audiences using new marketing, social media and brand journalism. To find out more please visit If you are interested in more thoughts and ideas on marketing and social media please visit the Intersection Blog at Download Mark's FREE E-BOOK, "The Small Picture - A Visual Guide To ...

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