The Power of Action

I was recently invited to be a guest lecturer for an entrepreneur class at the University of Cincinnati. In the question and answer portion of the program, the professor ask me to sum up what I felt was the most important message I could stress to the class. My reply was one word – ACTION.

At a sales seminar I was giving, I was going over low to no cost marketing strategies designed to increase leads for salespeople. At the first break after the marketing section, one of the salespeople in attendance who had flown across country to attend, got on the phone and called a list vendor I had suggested during the class. Before the break was over, he purchased a large list for a small cost, created an outline and had began to write the letter based upon proven copy writing techniques and marketing strategies. Incidentally, afterward he was able to express the value of the campaign to the dealership management and they agreed to cover his costs of his campaign.

At the end of the day, I was having a conversation with the promoter of my seminar and I asked him how many people would take action on that one idea. His answer was few if any other than the one salesperson. He asked me why I thought that was the case and my answer was simple and scary – I didn’t know.

From my days as a General Manager and leader of people in dealerships to my now many years of training, consulting and sharing with people in dealerships all over the world, I have constantly been stumped by the lack of action by the masses. The truth is indisputable that a small minority will move through their fears and excuses and begin to take action on the necessary steps for success.

In the last few years, I have begun to unlock and share some of the secrets to taking action and achieving success. Unfortunately, even when I share these ideas and suggest simple steps that can guarantee massive self-improvement and eventual success, I know that most people are comfortable being comfortable. Even when that means being comfortable with below average results. Is my statement negative or just recognition of reality?

Successful people create their own reality. Most people who would take the time to read articles like this are part of the minority of action takers. For you action takers, let me share just a few ideas on action, the reasons for a lack of it and some corrective measures.

1) Write down the first twenty ideas and teachings that you learned about money. Did you hear typical messages such as, “What do you think we are rich?” “Money doesn’t grow on trees” “We can’t afford that” “Money is the root of all evil”? You are more influenced by early learning than you might believe. Many ideas and messages you hear from TV, teachers and even parents are negative and rooted in scarcity. The root of the word scarcity is scare. When was the last time you saw a movie or TV program where the rich guy was the good guy?

2) Are you clear in your goal of what you desire? Have you written it down? Less than 5% of people will ever write their goals and begin to focus on their desires and action plans to get there. Clarity of thought creates questions that bring answers.

3) When you write a goal, you are making a conscious choice. Your actions however are often directed by your subconscious messages. Often the goals you have chosen with your conscious thought and the actions you take are directed by your subconscious are in direct conflict and opposition. This is why at times you can feel such an enormous state of struggle. The only way to get past the struggle and create positive action is to remove the negative and opposing messages and images in your subconscious. When you write your goals, what are the limiting thoughts and feelings that pop-up that are implanted in your subconscious? Once you have identified them, rewrite them to erase the limits and negatives. Create a conscious and subconscious that acts in unison. 4) Write down your top 5 largest fears. Fear can be described as FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. We can escalate fears or goals to reality. Both are simply a choice. What are your most dominant thoughts? Do your thoughts lean towards action, achievement, success and abundance or toward lack, scarcity and fear?

Only through action can you make the necessary mistakes that will lead to success, rewards and happiness. Nobody has ever sat and watched their way to success.


Mark Tewart is a recognized expert in sales, sales marketing, sales management, personal development and motivation. Mark has an extensive and successful background spanning over three decades ranging from sales to becoming one of the youngest Executive Managers in the country at the age of twenty seven to now being a professional speaker, consultant, founder and President of four successful companies and a best selling author of the book “How To Be A Sales Superstar &nda...

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