Recharge Your Writing By Reading

Regardless of how long a freelance writer has been in the business or churning out articles, copy or web content for clients, it is important for that writer to continue to grow. It's true that once you've been writing for a long time or been in business for a considerable number of years, chances are, you would've had loads of experience under your belt. But this does not translate into gloating or staying idle on the growth front. Reading is one of the best ways to help you, as a freelance writer, grow! So, don't stop reading.

Grow your grammar as a freelance writer

If you've not taken note of this before, now is a good time to explore this. Take a look at the latest articles that you've written. Do you see a pattern? Are there particular words that you see being used too many times within that same article? Do you tend to repeat the same style - to an extent that you appear to be locked in a gridlock as far as being flexible in your writing is concerned?

Reading can help expand the vocabulary and make you more flexible when you write.

Change of style

Even if you proclaim to love writing as much as you love eating, you might find yourself coming to a point where you have to solemnly admit that writing has become boring. Especially if you've been writing articles, web content or advertisement copy for others for a long time! What happens when you're bored? Yes, you start sticking to the style that works best (or fastest) for you. Although technically, there's nothing wrong with that, if you let the boredom persist, you run the risk of burning out from writing all those mind-numbing articles. It could spell the end of a perfectly good work-at-home career.

Believe in yourself

Writers, I believe, are like actors and singers. You need to step into a client's shoes in order to write on behalf of that person...properly. To me, confidence is the best weapon you can arm yourself with as a freelance writer...or anything else in life, for that matter.

There was a time when I was ghostwriting a book on bee farming and at the same time, struggling to keep up with writing web content about how to solve menstrual problems, it was mind-boggling switching from one topic to another without losing some of your sanity! And confidence. Believe me, when you are rushing around like that, it is hard to keep your morale high. Go read a chic lit or the encyclopedia, for pete's sake, for a while even if you have barely two seconds to spare. Give that time to another task while your brain and self confidence recharges itself.

Keep it going, keep it real, keep it going!


Marsha Maung is a professional copywriter and online social networking consultant. She would like to think of herself as one of the first few kick-ass freelance internet writers and can deliver professional web copy for clients all over the world. Her clients hail from countries like US, UK, Paris, Australia, Denmark, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and more (sometimes she doesn't know where they're from, to be honest)....

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