Bounce Back Power is Emotional Resilience

The question is, "Can you take it?" Are you able to handle whatever your leadership role demands or dishes out? Will you be able to do so without punishing or torturing others? Can you walk the fine line between sensitivity and emotional detachment, without crossing it? Considering an explosive temper that is prone to fits of rage at one extreme, to the passive, apathetic almost comatose at the other, to the well balance even keeled in the middle, where on the scale of emotional resilience do you score? Can you endure through obstacles and hardship? Do you find it easy to treat people with a generally even tempered disposition? What degree of patience do you have with yourself and also with others?

The subject of emotional resilience is complex and must be explored and understood in order to achieve ultimate leadership balance. It encompasses many human qualities, traits and characteristics. A lack of balance in this capacity, negatively impacts and inhibits your ability to think and act clearly. It can make it difficult or impossible to manage frustration and disappointment.

Essentially it is a matter of self-discipline. Acceptance of yourself and also of others is a key step on the road to victory. You must master the ability to feel positively about yourself and your work the majority of the time. Managing yourself under stressful circumstances professionally and personally will make it possible to lead with calmness and composure. In order to effectively lead others you must be emotionally balanced. At times a rock, steady, solid and true to the direction you have chosen and the commitments you have made. Under other circumstances a safe, soft place where people are comforted by your empathy and steadiness.

An emotionally resilient individual possesses an optimistic personality with a low level of skepticism. They see problems as challenges and opportunities. They are able to remain objective, manage rejection and don't take complaints personally or consider them as assaults on their character. When called to do so, they deal effectively with irritated staff and customers. They have a self assuredness that acts a compass to keep them true to their direction. If called to do so, even when faced with adversity, rather than become paralyzed, they are able to initiate action. Achieving maximum resilience lightens your burden, makes your leadership role less complicated, brings the big picture into focus and allows you to maintain goal directedness with ease. Emotionally resilient individuals bounce back quickly when they encounter set backs and hindrances and roll with the punches when required to do so.

For a rare group of people emotional balance and stability is a natural strength that is effortless. However most people must focus a great deal of effort and energy into the development of this mindset. You must first be conscious of the true benefits of emotional resilience and willing to challenge yourself to become very aware of your state of mind especially during trying and difficult times. When faced with any sort of event or emotional trigger you must be prepared to slow your decision-making down and ask yourself, is this the best course of action or is this decision backed by negative emotions? In analyzing your decisions sometimes you will determine that the best course of action is waiting until you are able to act with a clear focused mind. Acquiring essential coping skills and tools is a necessity. Learning to be more self-aware and having the ability to self assess and internally problem solve when feelings of derailment or being emotionally overwhelmed arise is critical. An emotionally resilient individual will know when they don't trust themselves to make a decision and will consult others who are better armed or not invested in the issue that is the source of strain.

Fortunately for all of us, experts say that emotional resilience is something that we can all develop over time if we are prepared to learn and grow in this area.

"In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves...self-discipline with all of them came first." - Harry S. Truman


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