Good News for Internet Users

Like hundreds of thousands of rural residents and businesses, many of you may think the chance of getting a high-speed Internet connection to their home or business is probably slim or not likely all, especially in rural areas like the Laurentian lakes and mountains. In a large percentage of big cities, most people can get high speed access with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that have access to Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or hybrid fiber coaxial cable systems and take such services for granted.

However, a large majority of Quebecers living in rural areas and suburbs have been overlooked by the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) or Cable Operators.

The good news is that instead of getting a wired connection to the Internet, a growing number of individuals, neighbourhoods and businesses have discovered Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Wireless connectivity is the most cost-effective way to bring high-speed Internet connections to small, medium and large pockets of Internet users that still do not have broadband Internet access.

New broadband wireless technology is making it possible for users to connect to the Internet, receive email, surf web pages, without modems or phones lines, regardless of location.

In addition, the wireless connections let users send and receive information at high speeds, normally exceeding the speeds offered by dial-up connections by as much as 50 times. The higher speeds that can be achieved can be a boon to small businesses, home offices and high-profile Internet surfers that want to surf the Internet and connect to the office to send and receive large files at much higher speeds than dial-up connections will allow.

Pierre LeBlanc is one such customer of the 3rd largest fixed wireless Internet service provider in the Laurentians. This WISP whose network spans from St-Jerome to Mont-Tremblant. Rising from the fields on Pierre's gently sloping farm is an embryonic symbol of 21st-century rural Quebec: a small hidden tower with a wireless high-speed link to the Internet.

Whether he' is in the den of his log cabin home, or on his dock by the lake, LeBlanc can surf the Internet and send-receive email. With the click of a mouse, LeBlanc can access his security system while traveling anywhere in the world.

Until recently, Leblanc did not have a good high-speed option: Cable does not reach his area, the phone company wanted too much money to bring in DSL, and satellite service was spotty and too expensive. Leblanc can also benefit from more affordable voice telephony with almost free long distance service.

It all adds up to good news for Internet users.


MARVIN GARELLEK completed his Bachelor of Commerce in 1983 at Concordia University and has been an entrepreneur ever since. In August of the same year Marvin launched and ran a marketing communications/advertising agency until 1992 that had a range of clients in the skate, hotel, lighting and technology sectors which he later sold to a multinational ad agency. In 1992 Marvin founded Internet Capital Bulletin Board Inc., and developed Plan A™ Business PlanWorks software that has been Suc...

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Irish echo
27th April 2015 10:20pm
Hi, not sure if this is an old post,I googled bell Internet coming to rural laurentians and came up with this article, I live near st. Donat Quebec, and am on satellite as I can't get anything else! I really hate it, I wonder what speed u are getting with fixed wireless and more importantly now I are doing it.. Hope u reply. I love a plan A!!... ( how old is this article). thanks ! Irish
29th April 2015 9:08am
You can get up to 5mb. Call Groupe Acess - 1-877-777-3637 ext 13 Ask for Aaron Reimer and mention my name

sam feigenbaum
3rd June 2015 9:46am
i am looking for internet service in esterel lac du nord j0t1e0 speed sufficient for streaming ie netflix

23rd December 2015 7:36am
Hello! Does this wireless internet connection is interruption/Interference free? Will it still work underground or place where there a huge signal interference from a other Tel-Co company? - Let me know. Thanks Marvin!
23rd December 2015 10:10am
Any wireless connection will have interruption and variance in speeds. It will work underground if your antenna is above ground and is hard wired into a modem underground. It will work even if another Telco is in proximity as the band and channels will be different.

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