3 Tips to Become Magnetic in Your Home Based Business

The idea to becoming magnetic is a little voodoo. Really, how can you attract people to you? Does it really work?

I am here to tell you that is absolutely does work and it has worked since the beginning of time. Have you ever been attracted to someone who is funny, smart, good-looking, successful, etc? You most likely answered yes to one of those questions.

So you do have a magnetic experience to relate to! But what made them magnetic in the first place?

Most of the time we are attracted to those that we see as better than us in some way shape or form. This attraction usually takes place because we can see ourselves improve from interaction with this person.

So what can you do to become more magnetic in your business?

1- Bring Extra Value to the Table.

What do I mean by bringing value to the table? Know more than your prospect or customer! Take the time to invest in yourself and your education. This will allow you to appear to be the expert and to really be the expert.

People are attracted to someone who seems to know more than them. If you can help your prospect solve one of their problems they automatically begin to like you. In the process they also start to feel like they know you and can trust you as well.

You can show you have more value before you even meet your prospect! Position yourself as an expert in articles, videos, emails and watch the attraction begin.

The key is: you need to possess the added value for others to see it, experience it, and then watch attraction process take off!

2- Work Daily on Your Leadership Skills

Do I really need to be a leader for people to be attracted to me?


Learning leadership skills will increase your appeal to the crowds. They will naturally be attracted to you for your guidance and expertise. The masses are hungry for someone to show them the way to greater things especially success!

If you are working on your leadership skills each experience will make you more valuable to a wider crowd of people.

More value+ a leader = Greater magnetic forces

3- Be Aware of Your Appearance.

No, I do not mean you have to look like Barbie or Ken (Can you tell I have little girls:-). But, you do need to pay attention to how you look.


Appearances usually form our first impressions of someone. Dress for success and look the part. If you are going to post a picture of yourself make sure you take some time to make it “magnetic”.

Think of the last person you were attracted to. Make a mental note of what their appearance was and try to emulate it.

The truth is, the 3% that are actually successful in a home business have honed in on their magnetic skills. They have taken the extra time and effort to BECOME THE EXPERT, BE THE LEADER, and to LOOK THE PART!

Now it is time that you take action and get your magnetic self turned on!


Please enjoy my articles! It is my mission to provide you with at least one nugget for you in each article to help you in your home business! My name is Mary Thayer. I am a wife to a wonderful man, Mother to 3 beautiful girls, Registered Nurse, and an Entrepreneur! My passion is helping people make the decision to move forward with their business and life! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable already!

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