10 Steps to See More Sales in 48hrs...or Less!

Do you have a website with excellent resources but making little or no money? This is one of the biggest challenges that most websites owners have, especially those who are still new to internet marketing. If you have a website that has great content and resources that can help others, I will show you how to increase your sales in 48hrs with only 10 steps. So keep on reading.. As a website owner, there are several components that can turn your website into a money making machine. I will list the most popular ones. If you follow all the ways I mentioned below, you can expect to see tremendous results in a very short period of time.

1. SEO - If you have a website, you've definitely heard the term SEO, right? But what exactly is SEO? You can read my recent post about SEO. In a nutshell, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process used to attain and maintain a high ranking website. When your website is well optimized, you can save thousands of dollars. However, if your website is not well optimized, you can get spammed by search engines. Why? Because since search engines have so many websites to craw (over 13 billion and counting), when they come to your website, certain key things need to be order or else they will take a longer time to come back, or if your website doesn't meet certain criteria, you may get spammed. The last thing you want from a search engine is to get spammed.

If you need help with optimizing your website for search engines and for maximum results, please view our Search Engine Optimization Course for FREE. If you still need further assistance, you can order one of our advanced SEO packages to get your website professionally optimized. By getting a professional to do that, you know for sure that you will get the best results. You can view our package here.

2. Affiliate Program - Affiliate programs are the single fastest way to generate instant cash on the internet. By having an affiliate program, you will be able to recruit thousands of people to promote and advertise your products or services for FREE. The only time they get paid is when you get paid.

Affiliate programs allow you to:

Easily Enlist An Army of Motivated Affiliates! They'll work day and night to promote your product or service -- with no risk to you -- because it's a true "win-win" partnership! When theysend you a paying customer, you pay them a commission. If they don't make any sales, it doesn't matter because it didn't cost either of you a dime!

Advertise Your Business On Every Corner Of The Web -- For FREE! It's easy to get your name, your products, and your URL on sites big and small all across the Internet -- at absolutely no cost! -- with hundreds, even thousands, of affiliates personally recommending your products and services to their subscriber!

Never Lose Money On Ineffective Advertising -- Ever Again!

You ONLY pay when a sale is made -- not merely for impressions or click-throughs. If an affiliate drives visitors to your site, but produces no sales, you owe them nothing. You only ever pay for real sales!

Boost Your Sales With Third-Party Recommendations that are far more powerful than you advertising yourself! Just like recommending a movie to a friend, when your affiliates recommend your products to their customers and subscribers, you'll look that much more credible... and you'll be as much as 400% more likely to close those sales!

Instantly Capitalize On Other People's High Search Engine Rankings -- Get all of the exposure of the top ranking web sites -- without all of the work or expense! All you need to do is go to sites that have already secured a top listing in the search engines and get them to become your affiliates. Then your banner and text link gets all of the visibility they do! money from the Internet. Obviously, affiliate programs have the potential to dramatically increase your sales and Internet income. Yet, despite this, only a TINY fraction of Web businesses ever bother to start an affiliate program of their own.

Two BIG myths continues to hold back "regular" people with small and home-based businesses...

Myth #1: Starting an affiliate program is HARD! (Maybe you've talked to someone who tried to build their own affiliate program using clunky, mismatched software... Or maybe you've heard stories about how it takes forever to get an affiliate program working with your site.)

Myth #2: Starting an affiliate program is EXPENSIVE! (You may have looked around already at

some of the more popular affiliate management solutions out there only to discover that they charge thousands --and up to more than $11,500! -- just to get started.)

Yes! ... Starting an affiliate program can be hard if you choose the WRONG solution. Because these companies want you to spend 1,000's of extra dollars on their "extra" management features! (That's on top of the $1,000's they charge you for their "not-so-complete" solution up front.) And yes! ... Starting an affiliate program can be expensive if you choose the WRONG solution...

I'vedone the math and seen programs that would cost you over $11,500 in your first year alone! But itdoesn't NEED to be this way!

3. Website Maintenance - How often do you maintain your website. The more often you tend after your website, the more search engine friendly your website will be. If you have a website and you only maintain that site ones or twice a year, then you shouldn't expect any productivity from that website. Having a website is like having a baby, if you want a baby to grow up and be a productive member of society, you need to spend time to nurture and train that child. The same principle applies to your website. If you don't have time to maintain it, then you need to seriously consider hiring another company to do it for you...like Tamin Web Host. By having a company that will work on your website atleast 4 times a week, you are on your way to see your profits go off the roof.

4. Social Networking - Do you have an account with Facebook, Myspace, Inked, or any popular social networking website? If so, you can be generating new leads. It's alway a good idea to create your own social network like we did TWH Business Networking. There, you will find professionals like yourself who are looking for effective ways to advertise their business online. Creating your own social network will put your business as the focal point of your visitor's reach. In other words, your business will be in the middle of heavy traffic coming from all over the world.

5. FREE Giveaways - There is not a single person on this planet who doesn't like FREE stuff. In fact, if you are having an event, regardless what it is, when people see these four words F.R.E.E. on a flier, they will come to find out what it is. The same principles apples to your website. Sit down and think about some FREE stuff that you can give away to bring more clientele to your business.

6. Special Offers - Now with special offers, you have to be careful because you don't want to over do it or under do it. When you have special offers, you want to make sure that you too, will be gaining something from it. For example, when we ran a special offer to join our reseller program which normally cost $29.95/monthly for only $47.50 lifetime fee, we had a lot of orders that came. However, in order to so this, we had to make sure to do the math correctly so that our company wouldn't take a huge loss.

7. Navigation - How easy it is for people to navigate your website? When someone comes to your website, do they find it extremely hard to get from point A-to-B? If so, then you need to seriously think about making it much easier to navigate. See the average visitors will only spend 15-30 seconds on your website. If you want to keep them longer, you need to give them a reason to stay.

8. Member Ranking - With the new movement of the Web 2.0 era, it is not become a must to have some type of member ranking system on your website. With a member ranking system, your site is sure to get more people to join or visit it. Also, with a member ranking system on your website, you can start a contest, giveaway, and all sorts of different fun stuff to keep your visitors coming back for more. Tamin Web Host have a great member ranking system for you Joomla website. You can start your own member ranking program now.

9. Ads Manager - Another great CMS (content management system) is Ads Manager. With this component, you can start your own ads network and have people pay to post their ads on your website. This can quickly turn in to a money making machine for your website.

10. Customer Services - Finally, we reach the end of our list and one of the most important part of having a successful business...customer services. When you take care of your customers, they will always take care of you. When you get inquiries sent to you email from any of your customers, make sure to respond to it with 24-48hrs. I am always checking my email for new emails. In fact, I check my email about 10+ a day, sometimes more. So if you were to send me an email right now, I normally respond back with 24 hrs or less. Always keep your customer's needs on your priority list.


Mathew Tamin is an entrepreneur, a published author, a father, and a Christian. In 2008, Mathew decided to pursue his online business full time. He's helped startups and small businesses from all over the world create professional websites with Joomla. In 2013, he launched his online school Learn Joomla Fast.

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