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It may happen when you first start your site or a few months down the line. Inevitably, however, you will want to know how to achieve a higher search engine rank for your pages.

Higher Search Engine Rank Your knowledge of Internet marketing will evolve the longer you work at it. At first, pay-per-click search engines will seem to be a boon. For some sites, this is the end solution. This occurs when you have a high enough profit margin on your product or services to make the return on investment worthwhile. For most sites, however, search engine optimization and high search engine rankings are the key.

Search engine rankings simply refer to the position various pages on your site appear in results returned by Google, Yahoo and MSN when someone searches for the keyword phrase on the page. Yes, there are other search engines, but these three dominate the traffic.

With search engine rankings, the key is to get in the top 10 of the rankings. Doing so puts you on the first page of results, where most people will look. If you are on the second page of results, say in position 12, you may as well be ranked on the millionth page. This is because almost nobody goes to the second page of results. If you don't believe me, ask yourself how often you have done it. I am willing to be the honest answer is not very often.

Getting a higher search engine rank for the pages of your site takes hard work and persistence. You must tailor the pages of your site to be search engine friendly. You do this by focusing on a specific keyword on each page. The keywords should come from your keyword research. Each page should have the keyword as the title and then at least 250 words of text incorporating the keyword in a natural manner. There are many more technical steps, but taking these small ones will help your rankings tremendously.

After you build pages, you need to increase the relative ranking of your site by getting other sites to link to you. This is done by either trading links with other sites or publishing articles with links in the byline to your site. I prefer articles, but trading works just as well. However you do it, make sure you only trade with other sites that are relevant to the subject matter of your site. If you have a car site, don't trade with a casino site. Also, make sure to put your primary keyword phrase in the link being traded.

Obtaining a higher search engine rank is a complex matter. Take these simple steps, however, and you should be on your way. The search engines can take months to react to the changes, so make sure to be patient.


Mathew Tamin is an entrepreneur, a published author, a father, and a Christian. In 2008, Mathew decided to pursue his online business full time. He's helped startups and small businesses from all over the world create professional websites with Joomla. In 2013, he launched his online school Learn Joomla Fast.

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