Tips to Save Money While Buying or Renewing Domain Names

Everyone wants to save money wherever they can. Every penny saved is every penny earned. However, when it comes to taking web hosting services, we often forget to follow this rule and end up paying a good amount of dollars simply because we are not aware of the ways through which you can save money.

Buying a domain

Anyone who is doing a business, regardless of the size or nature, wants an online presence. That is the reason, we could see a huge spike in domain business in the last decade. Since the demand for domain names is quite high, hence, there buying a domain name is no longer a costly affair. There are thousands of companies in the market who are offering to domain registration in less than $5 dollars.

Saving money on domain name

When you register a domain name, in most of the cases, you also need a web hosting service along with your domain. Many customers are not aware, but here you can save a good amount of money. There are multiple companies today who offer domain registrations free with web hosting service. In case if you already have a domain name and looking only for web hosting service, then you must look for ones who are offering free Domain Name Renewal & Transfer service on primary domain of your hosting account. All you need to do is move your domain name to new hosting service and they will give you free transfer or renewal service.

Another good way to save money is to look for discount coupons. Many companies are using discount coupons as their promotional strategy. Just Google for promotional codes and you can find some companies offering discounted coupons for certain amount of months.

Using domain transfer option is another good way to save money on domain names. Since, domain market is quite fierce, many companies offer good deals on domain transfers. Renewing your domain can be expensive. But if you look for a transfer, you would realize that transferring is much cheaper option than renewing. But remember one thing, if you transfer your domain, your website might be down for 2 – 3 days. Also, many domain registrars do not allow domain transfer until six months of registrations.

These tips can be highly useful for people who are planning to register a domain name or looking for a cheaper renewal/transfer service. Bear in mind; don’t register a domain unless you are ready with a website prototype. Else, you would be wasting money and by the time your website is up and running, you again might have to pay to renew the service. Check thoroughly on the internet about their renewal policies because the new domain registrations might be cheap, but renewals are expensive. You can always talk to the web hosting service to offer you a better deal on renewal if you are planning to keep your domain for a longer period of time. So, depending on your need, you can use these tips to save money on domain registrations.


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