Why We MUST Reinvent The Wheel

It's incredible how efficient modern computers are at processing and storing information and moving it across our local area network or the Internet. Our business has the potential to keep all its information in a central location where it's safe from unauthorized access but conveniently available to everyone involved in the business including our employees, customers and suppliers.

Confronted with this exciting prospect our instinctive response is to begin searching for the right "package." Based on the marketing information we've been exposed to we're convinced that such a "package" exists. We know there are people out there cleverer than us (we call them "experts") who have already spent time researching and designing exactly the software we need.

After compiling a list of potential candidates and their features we proceed to choose the package that best fits our business and our budget resulting in the happy scenario we just described in our opening paragraph. "It's like magic," we declare, "the wonders of modern technology!" Unfortunately in most cases this outcome bears a remarkable similarity to the proverbial pipe dream.

If our business is to experience the full power and efficiency of modern technology IN REALITY we MUST:

1. Take ownership of our software systems from the outset.

2. Become as informed as possible about software and technology.

3. Resist the temptation to depend on "experts" and "magicians."

4. Recognize that our software needs are unique and will change with time.

5. Trust only experienced IT professionals with proven success in their fields.

6. Be willing to develop our own systems from scratch i.e. "reinvent the wheel."


Matthew Jenkinson is an Enterprise Software Architect and Computer Programmer who has been writing and maintaining customized software for businesses for more than twenty years. He has an outstandingly successful track record in a broad range of industry sectors including finance, insurance, retail, pharmacy, food processing, manufacturing and electronics. Matthew's work at the sharp end of software development has given him a comprehensive insight into the misunderstandings that exists betwee...

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