How To Get A Fast $700 To Solve Your Financial Problems: No Strings, No Interest, No Payback and No Scams

How To Get A Fast $700 To Solve Your Financial Problems: No Strings, No Interest, No Payback and No Scams

Don’t Google “FAST CASH” because this will get you into big trouble.

What you get are 9 Billion websites all promising you money within hours and you are going to pay dearly: Most all you see will be companies like PayDay Loans, Installment Loans Fast, 24-Hour Loans, etc. These businesses are making huge profits from your misery and you will only wind up in worse position after they are done with you.

Before you get sucked in to any of these services, check out the non-profit organizations and government agencies that have emergency money to give out in grants to help you.

You will never see their websites when you Google “Fast Cash” so let me do Google’s job for you.

Below are the basic organizations I would contact for help when you need FAST CASH. And if none of these work for you, on the bottom of the list I included 2 groups that will personally work through your financial problem that you should contact before you turn to someone who charges interest like the Mafia.

1) Check Out "Modest Needs"

  • This nonproft organization gets the general public to make small, emergency grants to low-income workers who are at risk of slipping into poverty.

  • They helped 12,299 families and individuals since 2002

  • Examples of past recipients

    • Senior Couple Received $909 To Pay Utility Bills While Recovering from Temporary Loss of Income

    • Single Mom and Son Receved $1,766 To Stay At Home To Recover From Surgery

    • Army Vet Received $3,493 To Pay Back Rent

2) Call 211, Or Go To Their Website

  • This is a free service that contains the 1.5 million sources of free money and help offered in your area by non-profit organizations and government offices.

  • Their database can be accessed online or you can call the “211” hotline for free professional help

3) Investigate Crowdfunding

  • Crowdfunding is basically getting free money on the internet and it is exploding as a source of funding for anything. The greatest reason is it cost nothing to and you don’t have to pay back the money.

  • There are over 1,000 crowdfunding websites so it can be overwhelming. Maybe first start looking at sites like GoFundM, GoGetFunding and GiveForward.

  • These sites are all free and only change if small percentage if you get the money.

4) Your Elected Official

  • Your U.S. Congressman, Senators or State Elected officials get dozens of calls every day from people who are in tough times and need money. They have a paid staff that handles these kinds of problems and know most of the good local sources for people.

  • To find your local elected official to contact give your local reference librarian a call. Remember them?

Before You Seek Help With The Mafia Go Here

There are local experts all over the country who get government grants to help you with your financial difficulties. They know the ropes and can keep the sharks at bay. They don't charge a penny and have nothing to sell you. Their on;y mission is to get you out of financial trouble. What you are looking for are the US HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies.


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